This 1918 Tacoma Craftsman is ready to get the lovin’ she’s been missing! What you see in these photos is lath. For those who aren’t familiar, let me briefly explain. Before the technology of drywall, homes were built using lath, (wood slats you see) and plaster (a thick stucco like substance applied with about a 1/4 inch of thickness). Often, when older homes are remodeled, the lath and plaster is removed so the electrical and plumbing systems can be replaced and walls insulated.  This is what Lisa and Michael (my clients and new residence to Tacoma, Wa) are choosing to do to their new home.

After the systems of the house are installed, the fun really begins. Picking out the finishings of the home; kitchen, bathrooms, paint colors, the list goes on! If you haven’t done it before, you will quickly be in awe with the wide array of options. If you are having a difficult time choosing the finishings of your home, consulting a trusted designer or contractor.

Lisa and Michael, the ambitious owners and new Hilltop Residence moved to Tacoma from Hawaii. (Yes, they are getting used to the rain and colder weather) A neighborhood rich in culture and diversity. Hilltop satisfied their desire to own in an neighborhood that is close to shopping, eateries, close proximity to Downtown Tacoma and is still very affordable. We are lucky to have Michael and Lisa as our new neighbors and friends. Be on the look out for the up and coming Cupcake Shop! 🙂

If you would like to know more about Hilltop or renovating Craftsman Homes in Tacoma. Call/Text Realtor Jenny Wetzel. (253) 381-9788