COFFEE, BEER, PARKS - 6th & Stevens in Tacoma, WA. 
Three of my favorites local business to eat, drink and enjoy our community are within 4 blocks of 6th and Stevens AND a fabulous new home for sale. 
CALL/TEXT Realtor with questions about the house or inquiries on some places to go to get yourself acquainted with Tacoma. (253) 381-9788
Valhalla Coffee – 3918 6th Ave Tacoma, WA 98406

Welcome Coffee Lovers! The thing I love most about Valhalla Coffee is their consistency with making latte’s and milk based beverages. It’s my experience that when a coffee shop gets busy (and Valhalla normally is) that properly steaming milk and fresh espresso shots is forgotten or rushed.

Valhalla always delivers! I’ve learned not to go when in a hurry. But I appreciate the attention to detail and work of art they serve me every time. ☕️ VALLHALLA COFFEE on IG

Beer Star Tacoma – 4328 6th Ave Tacoma, WA 98406

Beer connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike, welcome to Beer Star Tacoma! A business and community in it of itself, there is something here for most:

  • Kombucha (on tap!), wine and cider
  • Dog friendly 🐶
  • Chips, popcorn peanuts & other snacks available inside for purchase
  • Updated modern bar and beer refrigerators – Clean & pretty!
  • 40 beers on tap and local food trucks parked outside to take care of your appetite!

My sister’s husband is an Innovative Brew Specialist at Red Hook. So naturally I am around Home Brew quite a bit! When Nick Crandall serves me or anyone else a beer, he can’t help but spill his passion and knowledge into each cup. The few times I’ve gone to Beer Star Tacoma, I’ve felt a similar enthusiasm and passion from those serving. I find it energizing and inspiring.
Beer Star Tacoma’s 1st post on IG – Welcome to Tacoma guys! 🍻

Sushi Tama – 3919 6th Ave Tacoma, WA 98406

To me, Sushi Tama is THE BEST authentic Japanese & Sushi restaurant in Tacoma.

I’ve been coming here with my family for over 20 years. My Grandparents (who were English Professors in Japan). Instilled the love of authentic Japanese Food. We go here exclusively when hankering for Sushi, Udon, miso soup, Ten Zaru, (the perfect summer meal) Tempuru and all Japanese Food. It’s a delight to enjoy the food and company (my family and the employees and chef who are so gracious) at Sushi Tama.

The Chef selection of Sushi (Sushi Nami) is less than $20 and comes (as most entrees do) with soup and salad before the meal. Here is what my family traditionally orders (we are all creatures of habit!):

  • Grandpa & Me – Sushi Nami
  • Grandma – Chicken Katsu
  • Mom – Oh oyako Donburi

Author and Realtor Jenny Wetzel, was born and raised in Tacoma and spends her days helping others make this community their Home CALL/TEXT directly for more Community and Home information. 

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