8 things to do at Home every Fall

It’s football season, which means that summer is well behind us and blankets, apple cider and boots are in! But before you go and hibernate for the winter, there are a few things to do around your home and yard. If you complete these items, they will, without question, prevent larger issues down the road and also beautify your home and property!

house chores during fall


1. Clean Your Gutters

If your home has a tree (over several) that hang over your home, it’s time for a clean! Why now? The leaves have fallen and the rain is coming. It’s extremely important that you have gutters that are working properly and directing water away from your home. The last thing you want is to have a larger project replacing siding that is rotten from downspout/gutter issues OR (even better) start getting water in your crawl space or basement. It is not fun, I promise.

2. Fill Concrete & Asphalt cracks

Fill these before it rains, freezes and creates more cracks in your concrete/asphalt. Hairline cracks naturally occur overtime from settling. By fillings these smaller cracks in the fall before the ground freezes again, you’ll prevent them from getting larger.

3. Winterize Exterior Faucets

You have GOT to do this. Winterizing your exterior faucets and hoses simply means drain the lines of water and put an insulated cap over the head of the faucet. That’s it. If you don’t you could have burst water lines that cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

House projects in the Fall

4. Service your Furnace + Fireplace

If you haven’t had your furnace serviced and cleaned, pay the $120 that is costs to get a professional HVAC technician to your house and do it! If you have already done that this year, simply replace the filter. Do you have a heat pump or Air Conditioning unit? If so, it’s best to get these serviced at the tail end of summer or during the warmer months. An AC unit cannot be used or tested when the temperature is lower than 55 degrees (this variest based on unit and manufacturer).

5. Clean your outdoor furniture & bring it in!

Outdoor furniture isn’t cheap people. Give it a good scrub or pressure wash and bring it into the garage or basement. Ideally anywhere that maintains relatively low humidity to slow the wear and tear of your outdoor pieces. You’ll probably need to wash it again after it accumulates spiders, cobwebs and dust. But don’t let this be a reason to not clean before taking it inside! You will appreciate not having to scrub so intensely in the spring. 😊

homeowner duties in the fall

6. Caulking

Our rainy weather requires us homeowners to do a little more when it comes to exterior maintenance and we HAVE to do it! Or it will create substantially more work and headache in our future. Look around the trim of your windows to see if you need a new bead of caulk, if you do, just peel off the existing line and lay down a fresh one. Less is more when it comes to caulking. For me personally I leave this up to my general contractor. It IS noticeable when you do a bad job! This activity can single handedly lower your heating bills and make your home more airtight.

7. Reverse the Ceiling Fan

Your fan traditionally runs Counter Clockwise, which is what we want in the summer to create a breeze. In the winter however if you flip the switch and run your fan clockwise, warm air will be pushed from the ceiling and circulate the warm air!

Fall activites around your House

8. Prune Your Fruit Trees

The trees are now going dormant. The are sucking in nutrients into their roots to prepare to produce fruit or for next season. If you haven’t pruned a tree before, consult with a professional arborist. If you feel confident in doing it yourself, or would like to learn more on how to do it properly, refer to Master Gardeners of WSU! They offer training, guidance and also help answer any plant questions you may have.
Full disclosure! I do very few of these things myself. It’s worth it to me to high a general contractor and local handy person to lay a fresh bead of caulk around my windows because I know if I do it, it will look like my 4 year old nephew did it!

If you do these things every Fall you’ll save yourself time, energy, money and frustration in the long run. Happy Fall My Friends.

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