As we begin to enter the holiday season, there is not much change we will see in our markets currently; but do not expect the market to stay stagnant once the holiday season comes to an end. As we prepare for Thanksgiving this coming up Thursday, we do not have to add worrying about the market on our to-do list. In fact, the economic reports for this week are not “market movers” at all as we notice that the market has “held steady” through last week and will continue over to this week as well. To provide some concrete numbers, last week’s int. rate for a 30 Yr. FHA was 3.625% and continues to be 3.625% this week; with the APR of 4.740% remaining the same this week as well (statistics provided by George Lane of Guild Mortgage). We can be “thankful” that there will be little to no activity in the market this Wednesday and Friday, and enjoy the company of those we love all week long. Hoping this update on the economic market brings peace and positive vibes this holiday, and that you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Take this slow economic week to relax, enjoy your friends, family and great food. Do be sure to check back in to the Jenny Wetzel Homes website for more updates on our economic market reports to stay on top of interest rates and percentages for the rest of the year and into the new year.