I can’t be the only one that is having some growing pains, with the increase in hours spent with my significant. I mean, I went from seeing him for 1 hour a day, to 6 – 8 hours a day 😳. This is a time in our lives we will remember forever and I want to make sure most of it is filled with positive interactions and things we will smile and laugh at years later. To do so, I’m taking my energy and putting it towards a few fun activities to prevent us from hating each other after this is all over! 

Here are four activities or “at home dates” to keep you and your partner’s relationship healthy and thriving

1. 3 course meal – “Date Night”

Yes I am being specific here. Prepare a 3 – 5 course meal. Dinner is very plain at our house; so making a multiple course meal is kind of a big deal! I’m not wanting to spend 3 hours preparing a 5-star meal (I’m sure we can all wait for the restaurants to open again for that), so I’m keeping each “course” extremely simple. Think about starting with a fresh green salad (I don’t even know if we have toppings, ha!) Then the second course, might very well be steamed noodles and sauce from a can topped with grated cheese. You don’t have to be a top chef, I’m not going for fancy here – I am going for fun and different! Finish the meal with baked veggies and a meat/protein of your choice for the third course. If you have kids, let them help with preparing the meal or setting the table – getting them to do some hands-on activities will get their buy-in. 😊 

Bonus points! Enhance your dining in experience by pairing your 3 course meal with a bottle of wine or beer. Get crazy and pair each course with a different beverage use one for all three. No pressure! Just make it fun. 🍷 🍻 

2. Happy Hour with the Neighbors

Even those self-proclaimed “best friend” couples can run out of things to talk about. If you and your partner are in a neighborhood that is close to the rest of your neighbors, plan a meeting time or “happy hour.” For some that means, all of you going out on your front porch with blankets, homemade cocktails and comfy sweats. This works best if your houses are close enough where you can (most importantly) maintain at least 6 feet distance, but also speak with each other to check in and see how things are going.

If your neighborhood set up doesn’t allow for a porch neighborhood gathering, pull out your patio furniture and plan for happy hour with just you and your people. It is spring now after all! 🌸 🌲 

3. Working Out with Your Partner

Being on “lockdown” has made a lot of people stock up on food to ensure they don’t starve to death somehow. (I get it, after this is all done, I think a lot of people are going to be carrying higher quantities of all of the essentials!) Food with a longer shelf life has more preservatives, salt and in general are considered less healthy. Incorporate some type of exercise into your new routines with your partner by creating a fun game. Place a bet or two – do something out of your norm and the “loser” has to do some type of exercise; ie, sit-ups, push-ups, wall sits are just a few that require no exercise equipment. It may feel weird or out of place, but usually when you do things out of your comfort zone, you end up learning something about yourself and your significant other. You may develop an appreciation for something you didn’t have before. Laugh and enjoy the time spent together – you can never get to much of this! 😆


 4. Bring out the Board Games and Movies

“Netflix and chill” has become a new norm for couples who live together; waiting until you get home to watch the new episode of your show is an unwritten rule in many relationships and now since you’re both home, there is no waiting at all! “Quarantine and chill,” is the new it-thing. Broaden your scope of entertainment. Here are a few ideas; create TikTok dance videos, replace your typical TV time with something more interactive like board games: monopoly (oldie but goodie), checkers, mancala, or even card games like uno. This is sure to bring out the laughs and old memories and is perfect for incorporating the kids if you have them!

Don’t bore yourself by doing the same things you’ve been doing! Spice it up with new activities that you normally wouldn’t have time for! If your relationship has transitioned from two very busy hardworking people who barely get time together, to two very hardworking people that aren’t busy at the moment, it can get weird.  Make the best out of the situation and do things that constantly remind you why you got together in the first place. Create new fun and healthy routines. You’ll be glad you did. 🙂