Owning a home is very rewarding and for most, your home is your largest financial asset. This blog is made for those who are working to build their portfolio of investments (making your current residence a future rental) and for those who intend to live and love their home for as long as possible! 

Owning a home comes with general upkeep and the amount of care with each home requires to remain in tip-top shape, varies depending on the age and style of the property. But they all need it! There are general services that you will want to stay ahead of, in the same way you keep your car’s oil changed. Now, if you or your partner are licensed to do this kind of work, by all means go ahead! But if you are not, find someone that is.

You are never going to expect or be ready for something in your house to stop working, unless you purposefully bought a fixer-upper that you know will require work. House problems are as random as each day, stay ready so you do not have to get ready. As a homeowner, you should have a list of local professionals to call when something does go haywire. I would recommend the top five professionals on that list be:


1. Realtor 

A Realtor is someone who has a lot of connections when it comes to real estate and home services. It is part of our job to know who to call and where to go when there is a problem associated with your home (during the buying or selling process mostly). If you used a Realtor to purchase your home and they came through for you in all the best ways they knew how, you should stay connected! Even four years after you bought your house, you can (and should!) remain in contact with your Realtor. They maybe the one stop-stop-shop you need for local trust professionals that you need to keep your home looking and feeling great. This includes annual services or requirements for your property as well as larger renovation projects.


2. Electrician

No one likes being in the dark. Keep your house properly lit and up-to-code with a trusted, licensed and bonded electrician. Having an electrician to call is even more important when you are living in a house that is a hundred years or older. Technology has advanced quite a bit since the 1900s and so has the wiring of homes. An older house typically means older “bones”. Stay ahead of any safety items and replace damaged wiring that could start a house fire. It’s not worth it to wait until you and your family or tenant are in danger!

Local Electricians:


3. Plumber

A Typical person’s plumbing skills stops at plunging the toilet and attaching the metal chain back onto the pump when the toilet isn’t flushing. Sadly, plumbing issues can (and will if you let them) go far beyond those simple fixes. Having a professional plumber to call keeps your house from being flooded with waste and simply keeps things clean! Your plumber is also good for handling the pipes in your home that supply you with water and gas – two essential systems you do not want to be caught without for more than a day. Looking to upgrade your bathtub, kitchen sink or toilet? Call your plumber. Plumbers can even help you install appliances like a dishwasher and washing machine. These smaller replacement items may also be completed by your local handyman. 

Local Plumbers:


4. Landscaper

No kids to mow your lawn and having time to do it yourself is very rare? That is where a landscaper would come in. Yard care is a tedious thing that some homeowners may not pay attention to, but your neighbors will (and even the city if it gets to a certain point). If you live in a community that has a Housing Association (HOA), lawn care maybe covered in that fee which leaves you one less thing to worry about. But usually these services only cover common areas, such as playgrounds and parks that are located within the community that you purchase.  If you were given a green thumb, I’m sure working in your yard is a peaceful and rewarding activity! But for many of us who don’t (myself included) we see the grass growing and just want it gone! Local landscapers are easier to come across and you may even get a knock on your door from a high school kid asking if they could mow your lawn. Great! – even one less more thing you have to worry about

Local Landscapers:


Being a homeowner is “adulting” at an all time high level. You have worked hard to earn, save and eventually buy the home. Taking care of this investment for the long term benefit starts by servicing your home regularly and staying prepared for the “what ifs.” Having a list of trusted professionals whose work you feel confident in, saves stress and time. 

*Final Tip: Keep a rainy day fund. Depending on the size and “risk” of your home, i.e. do you have upgraded plumbing, electrical, sewer/septic, newer paint on the inside/out? I would recommend you keep that money somewhere untouched and specifically for home fix purposes.