Changing your environment, even in the smallest ways can have a large impact on the way you feel and your overall productivity level. Considering the circumstances, now is the perfect time to set up that home office of yours; maximize the space to work best for you. When your home office feels like a small getaway or emulates your favorite and most productive remote space to work (ie. coffee shop, wine bar, local eatery etc.) you know you’ve done it right! Make it an escape – when you step inside, you’ll feel a slight shift and you know, you are ready to Get. Things. Done!. Here are 4 ways to create your favorite office space. 


1. Getting a Standing Desk 

The purpose of a standing desk is to allow you to get away from sitting in a chair all day. Switching from standing to sitting can also increase your overall energy and focus, in turn keep you more productive while working. I’ve personally found that having a standing desk is another tool I use to improve my overall health and movement throughout the day. These small changes can make a big long term impact on your health and business – improving posture soreness and improving your overall state of wellness. 

Standing desks come in many different forms. Some have a combined stand-sit option. Below are three of the top brands to choose from:

  • Lander Desk – Height adjustable 
  • Cascade – Height adjustable and made to fit in the corner to save space
  • Energize – Priced for affordability 


2. Bring in the Light

Sitting in a room that does not provide a lot of natural light can cause you to tire more quickly. Natural lighting is sooo important! Especially for those of us who do much of their work indoors. Choose a room that has windows and/or skylights. and faces the sun (if possible). Put your desk next to the window to allow you to maximize the amount of natural light exposure. 


3. Declutter

One of the main reasons you are getting your office space together is to be able to focus and work productively. Get away from your typical home environment and give yourself the mental space to work freely. But this is hard to do with clutter all around you! Does anyone else think that their clutter “talks” to them when it’s there? It’s so distracting … get rid of it! A cluttered environment causes a cluttered brain. Make sure everything has a home and your work space is clear, not only to keep yourself organized but your work projects and documents organized as well. A small storage cabinet, folders and color-coated tabs never hurt anybody.


4. Add Some Green

Let’s talk plants! Add color and life into your room with simple greenery.  A green thumb is not needed to keep plants alive and well in your office. You can invest in succulents that require very little care – just sunlight and watering once a week. Some plant types (including but not limited to orange plants) purify the air along with adding an element of fun and creativity. Before giving up on plants (we’ve all killed a few) try again. You’ll fall in love with your space a little more when you are sharing it with sweet and easy to maintain plants. 

Here are a list of plants that are great for small spaces and do not require a lot of care are:

  • ZZ plants – less watering, thrives with bright indirect sunlight
  • Coffee Plants – water when leaves droop, medium indirect sunlight
  • String of pearls plants – keep soil steadily moist, bright indirect sunlight
  • Sweetheart plants – water ever 3 to 4 weeks, bright direct sunlight

If you have space for larger plants, but still want to provide minimal care to them you should consider:

  • Money tree plants – water every one to two weeks, mix direct and indirect sunlight
  • Fiddle leaf figs – water when top inch of soil is dry, indirect sunlight
  • Peace lilies – water when top of soil is dry, medium to low light
  • Rubber plant – water when leaves bring to droop, bright indirect sunlight


Whether you choose to work from home or it is a quarantine requirement, take just an hour or two to help your home office space (and you!) reach its full potential. By optimizing this space, you are creating a more enjoyable space for yourself and also optimizing the amount of work you can get done. This is not a full renovation. Just a few simple things and you’ll love coming to work. 😊