Tacoma isn’t called “The City of Destiny” for nothing. When it’s time to rally the our community and support each other, we do. And it’s time.  


How do we balance our obligation to keep a social distance from each other, preventing the spread of COV-19 yet continue to support our community?  Being a business owner myself, this question has weighed on my mind heavily and so I’ve written a blog on how we can continue to support small businesses while keeping the social distance that is absolutely needed, right now. 

If you have a small business that is looking for support or have ideas on how we can support you, please send us a message. 

We care 💛. 

1. Buy Gift Cards from Local Businesses 

As much as I would love to say “go stop by and support!” it’s clear that we need to exercise this muscle of social distance even if we aren’t having symptoms of COV-19. Virus experts like Michael Osterholm state that a host may not have symptoms for up to 2 weeks. During that time, you are the most contagious and could infect someone who could have more serious/fatal side effects 😷. By limiting social contact, you are protecting yourself and others by preventing the spread of COV-19. Some small businesses are shipping gift cards free of charge or doing a special pick up (no contact is needed!)

2. Promote and Share Small Business Content on Social Media 

Social media is the most effective form of mass communication. Your followers follow YOU because they see your authentic self and love it. When you share a post of one of your favorite restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, etc., add your own insight! Tell your followers what your favorite meal is or why you continue to go back. Is Bob the best server you’ve ever had?! Are you amazed that their wine pairing suggestions are dead on EVERY. TIME?! Your followers are interested and will love you even more for sharing your unique perspective.  


Here are a few ways to support and share small business information on the Socials: 

  1. Instagram Stories! Take one of your favorite posts of the business and tell us what’s up 
  2. Write a small blog post. If you have photos and a more lengthy experience you’d like to share, a longer forum (Blog), may be the avenue use. (refer to some of our small business blogs like the one on Kiri Bolles Art.)
  3. On Facebook or Instagram, reshare or post promotional deals the local business is having. Again – give us your spin, don’t just repost it!
  4. Tag the business. Particularly if you are using IG stories, tag the business owner because they aren’t always notified. 


3. Make plans for yourself and family, after the COV-19 

This isn’t going to last forever. We see everyone stocking up on essential items and preparing to be quarantined in their homes for months but we have to keep in mind that we will get our daily lives back. Plan a date night two months out and go support a small business or two! Maybe you have some gift cards you need to use from their promotions. Take a long weekend and book a stay at your favorite Airbnb. Go hiking, watch the sunset/sunrise, drink coffee/wine. Visualize it and then PLAN IT 🗓. You will have this to look forward to and when you get down-in-the-dumps because you’re tired of being cooped up in the house, just think of your future vacation or staycation at your favorite small business(s). Planning a trip (big or small)  will make a difference in your overall feeling of our current situation. Keep looking forward and remain positive.  


4. Stay Connected (Virtually) 

Local and small business owners are people too! When someone gets such a demanding role such as a business owner, we tend to forget that after the work day they are regular people. They are friends, moms, dads, aunties, uncles etc. so stay connected with them. Rather than having dinner or getting drinks at a happy hour face-to-face, switch to facetiming and sharing a glass of wine through your computer or telephone screen. Being a friend or confidant to those going through hardships is a much needed role. 


5. Pre-Order, Order Online or Donate 

Just because a business is local or small does not mean they’re not accessible online. Many businesses offer the same products online that they do in store. If the opportunity arises and you are willing, make a pre-order for a later. 

Since the goal is to eliminate as much human contact as possible, ordering online from local businesses not only ensures your package gets here quicker (possibly with free shipping) but also allows you to support them without leaving your couch! Not interested in receiving packages right now?. An alternative could also be donating money directly to the businesses or a GoFundMe account if one is set up. 


Remaining safe and keeping yourself protected should always be the first priority – remember to wash your hands, eliminate as much contact with the public as possible and continue to love on your local and small businesses from afar… for now.