Moving from Seattle to Tacoma  – Preparing Home For Sale! (EPISODE 1)

Moving from Seattle to Tacoma – Preparing Home For Sale! (EPISODE 1)

Seattle to Tacoma. Katy and Nick had contemplated this transition for YEARS. Making this life change felt like too much while raising a family and working full time. Finally, the inconvenience of daily traffic, increased cost of living and lengthy distance to family, forced their hand. The Crandall’s were ready sell their home in Lake City and MOVE TO TACOMA!

This is the 1st of four videos in the Seattle to Tacoma video series. Katy and Nick talk openly about their move from Seattle to Tacoma and what they did to make it an all around success.

The Crandall’s home In Seattle, they are preparing to sell.

Before Selling Your Home

Partner with your Realtor months in advance to complete updates or housekeeping items, to increase the sale price and your overall profit when selling. THIS is what we display in this video. We walk room by room, detailing the updates The Crandall’s have done during their ownership and what still needs to be done to maximize their home investment.  Hire an agent who understands the surrounding market intimately and has professional resources to help get the work done. Your agent should be able to provide an accurate cost analysis of renovations/updates and total investment. KEY POINT: If it costs $2,000 to update and will increase the sellable price by $5,000 your agent (hopefully) will be advising that you do it!

Meet The Crandall’s 

Katy, Nick, Quinn and Rowan. A family of four, planning their move from Seattle to Tacoma. Nick is the Head Innovative Brew Specialist at Redhook. The man can talk for days about beer – don’t get him started! Katy is a Wetland Biologist and Arborist working at Watershed, a private firm in Kirkland. Katy and Nick met and started dating at Western Washington University and the rest is history. 😊

Live View of Home 

I normally don’t post videos that show homes not looking totally dialed-in! One of my goals in making this video series is to show a very candid view, of the stages of selling a home. (It’s no always perfect!) Hearing The Crandall’s story may help YOU find your stride and commit to the housing transition you’ve been thinking of for months or maybe (like them) even years. So disregard the dirty laundry and messiness – I hope you can relate with the Crandall’s and their busy life, working and raising their young boys. ♥️

Home Upgrades 

Though the Crandall’s 6 years of ownership, Katy and Nick have done quit a few upgrades:

  1. Paint the Exterior of the Home (2 years ago)
  2. Paint the Interior (1 year ago)
  3. Relocate the location of water heater from the bathroom to the garage (1 year ago)
  4. Remodel their bathroom (1 year ago)
  5. Added shed and exterior Patio (4 years ago)
  6. New stainless steel appliances (3 years ago)

Upgrades Needed BEFORE Selling Home 

Here are a few of the things that Katy and Nick NEED to do before they sell their home to optimize increase the profit they make on the sale.

  1. Refinish & Stain Oak Hardwood floors
  2. Paint interior of the home (accent wall in kitchen and neutralize color in bedrooms and living room -yellow does not photograph well)
  3. Replace Formica countertops with Granite or Quartz Countertops
  4. Replace Microwave in kitchen (It is the only appliance that has not been upgraded!)

What is next? 

In the next episode, we’ll show you what the house looks like, now that the Crandall’s have completed their “to do” list and had the home professionally staged. It almost makes them want to move back in. 😉 Stay tuned.

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Basement Flooding – 3 Way to Fix it

Basement Flooding – 3 Way to Fix it

Basement Flooding – 3 Ways to fix It

By JennyWetzel | December, 2019 | Tacoma, WA

Living in a wet region like the Pacific NorthWest will call for a bit more home care especially during the rainy months – which lasts from about October to late June if you’re in Washington State. Nothing is more off-putting than waking up to a basement full of water after a long 13-hours of non-stop rain, especially when you had no idea the rain was flooding your house instead of the streets! Water damage from the rain can cause thousands of dollars of damage that you really aren’t looking to spend. This is why it is important to make an extra conscious effort to pay attention to your house when it rains. You want to be able to notice any cracks, leaks, or floods while they are small and manageable; when you wait too long larger problems occur – don’t push the little things to the side! 

Luckily, basement flooding is both fixable and preventable, it’s just a matter of taking the right steps to prevent or fix the flooding. Below are 3-ways you can fix (or prevent) basement flooding; it is important that homeowners and renters alike approach these methods fully and quickly so you can save money, hassle and home damage. 

1. Reroute Rainwater

Rerouting the rainwater can be done multiple ways (using splash blocks or an underground rainwater diverting system), I advise that you try one method and keep a close eye on the flooding to see if that method worked efficiently or not. If not, try the alternative method. You can also use both methods for maximum protection and to assure your basement does not flood. 

The splash block method works by diffusing the water that comes down hard and heavily out of your downspout into a different direction away from the house. 

The underground rainwater diverting system works similarly to the splash blocks in which it diverts the rainwater away from the house, preventing it from flooding the basement. An underground system is usually what homeowners need so their basement or crawl space does not flood. 

2. Clean Gutters

The most affordable option for homeowners to fix/prevent floods in their basement is for them to clean out their gutters. Gutter build-up such as leaves, branches, and much more will accumulated in your gutter as the winds start to speed up and the months go by. If you do not regularly clean out your gutters, all of the accumulated build-up will keep rainwater from being able to pass through the gutters properly. If the rainwater cannot pass through properly it will eventually have to find other places to go and those places will end up being inside of your home. 

If rain water is pouring out of your gutters, it can result in water in your crawl space or basement AND siding damage. Don’t let these issues go unrepaired. The initial fix is a relatively easy one; clean or replace your gutters). If is goes untreated, the fix can be extremely invasive. Repair siding, structural support (if it gets in the walls) and mold are expensive and invasive. 

3. Sump Pump

If diverting rain water away from your home using a well functioning gutter system and underground diverting system, it maybe time to install a sump pump. A sump pump is installed in specially constructed sump pits. Once installed, the rainwater flows into the sump pit through drains or natural water migration and the sump pump, pumps the water out of the pit and away from your house and basement preventing the flooding. Some of these newer system come with alarms. If the system isn’t working or is overloaded, the sound will alarm and you and all your neighbors will know about it. 😉 

Dealing with basement flooding is a hassle but can be avoided and easily fixed! The significant majority (well over 90%) can be prevented through proper diversion of rainwater. Following these three of the suggested fixes, will likely give you peace of mind during the rainy months by keeping your basement and crawl spaces dry.

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The Best of 6th Ave

The Best of 6th Ave

6th Ave, Tacoma – If you ever wondered what the phrase “you are only as old as you feel” looks like in the physical form, you’ve found it! The 6th Ave district in Tacoma has been around for many generations and yet we think of it as the “hip” or new place to be. Full of bars, restaurants, diverse conglomerate of homes and apartments and many small businesses. There is something here for everyone – year round! 

6th avenue is home to staples of Tacoma like MSM Deli (pictured above), Jason Lee Middle School, and Legendary Doughnuts. 6th Ave. has so much to offer the people of Tacoma and those who come to visit its lively charm. When you are thinking about a day (or night) out here in Tacoma, exploring the “Ave” is a must! I have planned out activities for each kind person: family, introvert, and/ or night owl to enjoy during their trip to 6th Ave; have fun!

Jefferson Park – With 15-acres of green area, use Jefferson Park as the place to play catch with your pups, kick a soccer ball with your kids, or stretch out a blanket and have a nice old-fashioned picnic. The options are endless when you use your imagination in this large open space year-round. If you plan on dodging the cold and waiting until the warmer months of the year to visit Jefferson Park, you will be right on time for the seasonal spray ground for the kids. Also save yourself some hassle by keeping your house clean and people-free by throwing your summer barbecues at Jefferson Park, picnic tables are already included!

Valhalla Coffee – Choose between sitting alone at a stool along the wall, or having a casual business meeting with clients when you visit Valhalla Coffee. This space is perfect for both introverts and extroverts alike with its lively but sleek atmosphere. You will not be disappointed in the quality of coffee Valhalla Coffee; home-roasted with a variety of blends.

Engine House 9 – This old fire house brings more historic charm to the 6th Ave community and meets all of your burger and brew needs. By staying open late throughout the week, and until 2AM on Friday and Saturday, Engine House 9 is the perfect place for a night owl to meet locals and be the socialite they’ve always been. With house-brewed beer and comfort food to soak it all up, Engine House 9 is definitely a place you need to visit with friends or to make new ones!

To learn more about 6th Ave, and/or the greater Tacoma area in general do not hesitate to call or text me (Jenny Wetzel) for more information – 253-381-9788.

November 2019 Pierce County Real Estate Stats

November 2019 Pierce County Real Estate Stats

Pierce County Market Update – November 2019. Follow our market as a whole or (more specifically), your neighborhood or area of interest. Median Price, Days on Market and Chance of Selling (# of Active Homes/# of Sold Homes) are three metrics that we track and expand upon to gauge Market Activity.

For more info. TEXT/CALL/EMAIL Realtor Jenny Wetzel
(253) 381-9788.

Months Supply of Housing Inventory– This is the most profound and telling statistic in November. Although Month Supply isn’t a statistic we specifically call out in these graphics, it is one “behind the scenes”. In Central, South and Southeast Tacoma, the supplies of homes is at a staggering 0.5 months. Meaning that if no homes were to be listed for half a month, theoretically ALL of the homes in these areas would sell. North Tacoma, University Place, Puyallup and Frederickson all have less than a 1 months supply. No area in Pierce County has more than 2.3 months. Wowzers.

It is a general belief that in a well balanced Real Estate Market, there is at least 4 months supply of homes. The lack of inventory puts Sellers at an huge advantage and leaves buyers anxious and ready to pounce as soon as they see a home come available. Hence why we are still seeing new listings receive multiple offers and sell for more than what they listed for, even just 2 weeks before Christmas. 😳

Read the captions to see my thoughts and analysis of certain areas and statistics. If I didn’t cover something that you are particularly curious about, do reach out. CALL/TEXT (253)381-9788 or 

Central Tacoma Real Estate Statistics.

0.5 Months of Inventory (stat. not featured here) and 6 average days on market. The imbalance of sellers and buyers is significant. There aren’t enough sellers selling, to to keep up with the high demand of Home Buyers in Tacoma.

Tacoma, WA Real Estate Statistics.

Pierce County Real Estate Statistics.

Spanaway has consistently been the hottest Real Estate Market within Pierce County. Why? You get a lot more for your money (square footage, lot size and maybe that extra bathroom) and commuters are happy with access to future public transit and freeways.

South Tacoma Real Estate Market Statistics

0.5 months of inventory. It’s feeling like South Tacoma is going to “sell out” soon! 😬 That doesn’t happen though 😉 (thank goodness!)

Pierce County Real Estate Statistics

0.5 Months of Inventory. Seller that are priced at $500k or less can expect elevated market activity and an offer within 5 days on market if you are not overpriced.

Gig Harbor Real Estate Statistics

Gig Harbor with 1.7 months of inventory, is one of the few “Buyers Markets” Higher price point and less qualified buyers. This is about the formula we see in Seattle right now.

East Tacoma Real Estate Statistics

Median price of SOLD homes is $277K in East Tacoma. Median price of PENDING Homes (not shown in graphic) is $355K 😳 This dramatic swing in Median price points in driven by the lack of homes selling. Outliers carry more weight when they aren’t balances out by the heard!


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Renovated Bungalow Home – Tacoma, WA

Renovated Bungalow Home – Tacoma, WA

Newly renovated Bungalow Home with a detached 800 square foot shop captures the wants of a home-body AND hobbyists. The wrap around covered porch, balcony off the master bedroom and backyard patio beckon year-round outdoor play. When you enter into the home your immediately greeted by a large, well lit, living/dining room with a fireplace, picture windows and new flooring throughout. You’ll adore the new kitchen, complete with white shaker cabinets, butcher block countertops, bevelled subway tile backsplash and separate dining and laundry room. Two main floor bedrooms are separated by the large common bath. Thoughtfully placed accent floors, subway tiles from tub to ceiling and penny round ceilings with dual vanities. This Bungalow Home comes fully renovated and yet original details such as the ornamental front-facing leaded windows remain. Welcome Home! 


  • 1,939 square feet
  • 5,850 square foot lot
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 1.5 Bathroom
  • Wood burning fireplace
  • Unfinished basement-utility room 
  • 3-car garage and a detached shop, 800 square feet!


This beautiful find in the South Tacoma is located minutes away from elementary, middle and high schools and is close proximity to shopping, freeways and the newly renovated neighborhood; Lincoln District Tacoma. Wonderfully re-built in the 1950s and newly refreshed kitchen, bathrooms, flooring and house systems (HVAC electrical and plumbing) this Bungalow Home has preserved original charm (like original leaded windows) and beautiful new finishings. It’s the best of both worlds and hard not to love. ♥️  

Upon entry, you are welcomed with warm accents of wood, shiplap and original wood stairs. Hooks and a seating bench present, this is the perfect place to take off your jacket and shoes before coming inside. 

Large living room with a well place wood burning fireplace. Double pane windows (some of them original wood) bring in ample natural light. New Vinyl floors, light fixtures and fresh paint. There is nothing here for you to do other than make this house a HOME.

Brand new Kitchen with Shaker-Style cabinets, brand new appliances (Yes – that is gas stove!) butcher block countertops and unique bevelled subway tile backsplash. The current owners were thoughtful enough to leave the materials needed to maintain the natural wood countertops.

Past the kitchen is the private dining room and laundry room. The door leads to your backyard and easy access to 3-car garage/shop.

Large common bathroom separates the two main floor bedrooms. Dual sinks, subway tile wainscot and ornamental tile floors. 

Upstairs is the large 3rd bedroom equipped with french doors that lead to a balcony overlooking the backyard. Get creative and make this space a luxurious master suite, as it comes with a half bath and two separate closets. Just above the stairs, a built in office and flex space. Play room? Additional storage? Or whatever you please – the space is here! 

Walking out the back door will lead you to a handyman’s dream of an 800 square foot 3-car garage with a detached workshop. The walls of the workshop are ready for use as they have storage for tires, tools, and anything else one might need.



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