Story of Homeownership. Buying in Proctor District – Tacoma, WA

Story of Homeownership. Buying in Proctor District – Tacoma, WA

SOLD! I remember like it was yesterday; how anxiously Katy and Nick were to hear from me on the status of their offer. The home; a well kept 1900’s style Craftsman home a stones throw away from the Metropolitan Market and all things Proctor. They weren’t the only buyers who fell in love. We were competing against seven other offers and knew we had to go all in if we wanted a real chance at having the sellers accept their offer. And we did – we went all in.

Home in Proctor District – Tacoma, WA

The Crandall’s were half way through selling their home in Seattle and actively looking for their next home in Tacoma. I was nervous they were going to fall in love with a house (like this!) and have a hard time getting their offer accepted BECAUSE we had write a contingent offer (English please) we had to sell their home first, before we could close on their next home. Sellers are rightfully reluctant to accept an offer with a home sale contingency… but we had to try.

Crandall’s contingent home in Seattle, WA – Listed and SOLD for $525,000

I learned that the sellers had been in this home for well over 20 years and it was evident at first glance that they LOVED (I mean REALLY loved!) their yard. Katy who’s an Arborist and Biologist noted the unique and mostly native plant types present in what she was dreaming would be HER next yard. When we sat down to craft the best possible offer, the buyers made note of the sellers lovingly cared for yard. Expressing their admiration and liking towards the sellers labor of love didn’t change their offer price, but it might have played a role in the sellers decision making. I mean, just think – after over two decades of living in and loving a home, of course you care about the profit you make AND you can’t help but wonder “who is going to be living in my house?” Providing the sellers some reassurance that they too would love and care for the yard, may sway them towards your offer. In this case, it did.

After Katy and Nick signed their offer and I sent to the listing agent; we waited. Stewing, trying to think of anything else I can do to give my clients a competitive edge, I ask myself “should I present my client offer in person?” So I called, asked if the sellers agent and BAM! 12 hours later, I’m sitting in front of the sellers and their Broker, presenting The Crandall’s offer and hand written letter on their behalf.

Signing Offer for Proctor Home (fingers crossed!)

Four grueling hours after I presented their offer and several anxious text and calls to the listing agent “Did the sellers accept my clients offer?” “Is there anything else we can do to improve our offer?” “When will the sellers be making the final decision?” FINALLY we got the signed contract back; Katy and Nick got their dream home in Tacoma. ♥️ 🏡 Later we learned that it made a difference to the sellers to hear Katy and Nick’s story. Their offer wasn’t the highest offer the sellers had received, but other competitive terms made it the offer the seller accepted. Often times selling and buying a home is about telling your story. As both a buyer and a seller. Tell Your Story

Happy Together! Tacoma, WA

After the excitement of their offer being accepted, slight panic set in for me in thinking about having to sell their current home in Seattle. If the buyer on their Seattle Home was unable to perform, The Crandall’s would be unable to purchase their 1900’s style Craftsman home and would be back at square one. 😭 Fortunately, the appraisal for their Seattle home was set to come in that week and it did, fully satisfied! (phew!)

Now that the Crandall’s had their offer accepted, the reality of letting go of their first home, would soon be setting in ♥️ 🏡

We move forward with the home inspection at the Proctor House (YES we had a home inspection!). Kept our promise to the seller that it was for informational purposes only and made no requests for repairs. Our inspections showed that the house wasn’t falling over and needed no significant repair – Katy and Nick were happy.

Now that the discovery process was nearing the end, (we also reviewed the Title of the property, shopped for Insurance providers and general neighborhood review) Katy and Nick were elated to move forward on the purchase of their new home in Tacoma. We closed on their Seattle House and the following day, CLOSED and got keys for their new home.

Welcome Home Katy and Nick. You did it!!!

Home in Tacoma, WA

CALL/TEXT Realtor Jenny Wetzel for more information on Buying/Selling in Tacoma. (253) 381-9788

City Of Tacoma – Historic Districts and Landmarks

City Of Tacoma – Historic Districts and Landmarks

Who’s ready to geek out on a little bit of Tacoma History?! After reading this blog, you’ll walk away with a baseline idea of what a Historical District in Tacoma is, where they are located, what it means for home owners and where you go to find more resources. You will be fully equipped to dive deeper and answer some of your own questions regarding Historic Homes in Tacoma and if your home could qualify to be registered. Let’s start with the basics….

Historic Landmark (city + state) Blue Mouse Theater – Tacoma, WA is the oldest continually operating Theater in Washington State. 2611 N Proctor Street

What is a Historic District?

Historic Districts are areas within Tacoma that have been determined to have unique character and related development patterns specific to a period of time. The intent behind these Historic Districts and Landmarks is to preserve and maintain older homes and neighborhoods throughout the City of Tacoma. Our inventory of older homes and buildings is one of the things that makes our city stand out! To have a committee that guides and provides resource to expand our understanding of unique architecture and history that surrounds us, is pretty awesome.

How many Historic Districts are there? 

The city of Tacoma has eight Historic Districts across three registers; National Register(NR), State Register(WR) and Tacoma Register(TR).

  1. “The Wedge” (TR, WR, NR)
  2. “North Slope” (TR, WR, NR)
  3. Old City Hall (TR, WR, NR)
  4. Union Depot/Warehouse (TR, WR, NR)
  5. Stadium (NR)
  6. Salmon Beach (WR)
  7. Buckley’s (WR, NR)
  8. College Park (WR, NR)

Notice that I outlined which of these district are National, State and Local. Local District are more highly governed, where as the regulations for National and State are less stringent. (We’ll talk about what this means for home owners in just a second). To give you an idea of what a Historic District looks like, below is a photo of The North Slope Historic District. The North Slope is the largest established Historic District in Tacoma AND one of the largest in the Country! Click HERE to find a wealth of knowledge on all eight districts, on the City of Tacoma’s website.

North Slope Historic District - City of Tacoma

North Slope Historic District – City of Tacoma

What are the benefits of buying a home in a Historically Designated Area? These only apply to the Tacoma registry, not National or State.

  1. Did you know that homes located within any given historical society hold their value and increase in value more than surrounding homes that are not located within a historic district? It is true! And although you may be at times frustrated with the limitations you can complete regarding the exterior of your home, or the fact that you had to replace your windows with more expensive wood windows vs vinyl, it will likely pay for itself in the long run. (that and if you maintain your wood windows, they’ll last you far longer than vinyl windows would!)
  2. If you do perform renovations on your home, the city offers to reduce your overall taxes for the following 10 years. HERE you can click and find out if you qualify and what renovation costs go towards and the various incentives offered
  3. Be apart of one Tacoma’s History! For example, Tacoma’s North Slope District is the largest Local district in the Nation! (wow) And as residence it is something to be really proud of.
  4. For more benefits on owning in a historic home, click HERE

Engine House No 9. – 2019. The history behind this building is exciting! And to most it’s simply a great place to enjoy a cold beer and great conversation. That’s great too. 😊


Engine House No. 9. Sketch from Tacoma Public Library dated 1907. – One of the first taverns in Pierce County to serve Microbrew. Located on 611 N Pine Street

I’m a Home Buyer/Seller and I’m interested in buying in a Historically Designated Area – What should I know? 

I’m glad you asked! These things that I am going to list are specific to LOCAL historical areas and may not apply to State or National. Although the following things I am going to mention, may be burdensome to homeowners at times, they serve a purpose and pay for themselves longterm.

  • Windows. This is the most common frustration. Home owners must replace their windows with wood windows vs (cheaper) vinyl windows or other varieties. The city is now allowing fiberglass windows and variations of wood windows to be installed. Be sure to verify directly with them, before moving forward with your purchase.
  • Exterior. No significant modification can be made to the exterior of the home, especially if they change the street view of the home. The intent here is to preserve the original look of the home from the street. For example: you will like NOT be able to enclose your porch, as it would change the look of the home.
    • ADU’s are approved in historic areas, but again – if the addition is visibly seen from the street, it will likely not get approval from the Committee
    • Painting your home? Be sure to run this by the committee. And (big surprise!) if you are hoping to paint your house lime green, it’s likely not going happen.😉
    • Changing out siding? Newer hardy plank siding is approved, but it must be a specific texture and style.

Ok. Bottom line here folks, get a good understanding of the limitations and guidelines the Historic Committee has set for. If you are looking to talk to a human at the City of Tacoma to answer some specific questions, give Lauren Hoogkamer of call. (253) 591-5254. She is the Historic Preservation Officer and is happy to answer your questions.

Stewart Middle School – Tacoma, WA. Built in 1925 and more recently added to the City Historic Registry. 5010 S Pacific Ave Tacoma

How do I find the History of my home? 

Awww. Yes! Once I discovered this tool, I was hooked for hours, researching my personal home and stalking friends and families to see if they were the lucky ducks who purchased a home with an exciting tail or two. HERE is a link to the Pierce County Building Index at the Tacoma Public Library.

What if I DO NOT own a home in one of the eight Historic District? Can it be designated as a Historical Landmark? 

Short answer – YES! it most certainly can. Here is the baseline criteria your home must meet:

  • Must be 50 years of age
  • In fair condition OR retain original materials to be able to convey its significance
  • The building has something that sets it apart from others like it. This might include a unique design or excellent condition
  • This building must have something that makes it important:
    • Does it represent the architectural style well?
    • Is it emblematic of a theme or local history?
    • Is it connected to a significant person?

To read more about the guidelines for Historic Landmark approval, click HERE

For more information on your historic home or the process of buying or selling, contact Realtor, Jenny Wetzel; 253-381-9788;

WA State Real Estate Excise Tax – January 2020 Changes

WA State Real Estate Excise Tax – January 2020 Changes

Washington state passed Senate Bill 5998; Adjusting the Real Estate Excise Tax that home owners have to pay upon the sale of their Residential Home.

Prior to this change, home owners paid a total of 1.78% on the sales price of their property, regardless of price. January 2020, this will change and a tiered system will follow. 80% of home owners will benefit from this change, however 20% will be adversely affected. See the headline graphic, which summarizes the changes we will see come into play, starting January 2020.

If you are on the fence about selling your home and the current market value is more than 1.5Million, consider selling now. You could be saving yourself a lot of money you would otherwise be paying in excise tax come the new year.

Call/Text Realtor Jenny Wetzel with question (253)381-9788


Smart Buy in South Tacoma

Smart Buy in South Tacoma

Finding a parcel of land in the city, for under 100K now a days can as mind numbing as looking for a needle in a haystack. On this corner lot, your home is already here! And requires a fraction of the investment to start to cash flow or sell for a profit. Keep this home for yourself and your mortgage will be hundreds of dollars less per month than your rent! Mic drop. Efficient 528 square feet, with separate laundry room, galley style kitchen and eat-in space.


  • 528 Square feet
  • 1bed/1bath
  • 3,250 square foot lot
  • 1 1/2 blocks from newly renovated, Stewart Middle School
  • 0.7 miles from Moore Library
  • 0.5 miles to Safeway
  • Pacific Avenue is just 2 blocks away! City of Tacoma has long term plans to renovate this business district


Nestled on a corner lot, here you’re just blocks from Pacific Avenue’s many conveniences.

Large double pane windows flow the living room with natural light

The living room offers so much potential, and the kitchen and dining nook are just steps away.

Embrace the vintage vibes or create the kitchen of your dreams. Washer and dryer are close by, making it easy to switch laundry loads while letting dinner simmer on the stove.

A cheerful dining nook is the perfect spot to sip a morning cup of coffee while you enjoy the natural light.

Flexible bedrooms are ready to be transformed with your unique style.

Enjoy having your very own backyard that’s brimming wit possibility—you might choose to install a patio or build a deck, or curate your own vegetable garden.

Looking to invest in a rental property? Based on other similar homes (1 bedroom, 1 bath) in the same neighborhood, this home could be comfortably rented for $1,000/month. It’s being sold for cash, BUT if you were to finance it for $100k after you completed repairs, at 4.5% your mortgage payment would be $730/month (which includes annual property taxes and insurance!). Check out a potential loan breakdown here.

Welcome to Tacoma’s Southside!

At 502 S 51st Street, you’re on a corner lot in a lovely residential setting, blocks away from one of South Tacoma’s most vibrant business districts; Pacific Avenue. Not to mention streets are wide for comfortable driving and great off-street parking throughout the day. Here’s just a few of the top amenities in the neighborhood:

  1. Tacoma Public Library (Moore Branch)

Located 0.4 miles from home, the Moore Branch of the Tacoma Public Library is practically in your backyard! Of course you can check out books here, but remember you can also check out DVDs and other media, take advantage of free activities and attend a wide range of events throughout the year.

  1. Vuelve a la Vida

Nestled right along Pacific Avenue just blocks from home, Vuelve a la Vida is a fantastic Mexican restaurant that people come from all over Tacoma to enjoy. Regulars and newbies  consistently rave about the food, so don’t be dissuaded by the unassuming exterior and simple interior. 

  1. Josephina’s

If you love Mexican food, then you’re seriously in luck with this location—Josephina’s is another neighborhood favorite and perfect if you’re looking for a sit-down restaurant with an inviting atmosphere. Family owned and operated since it’s existence.  Locals love the mouthwatering food—especially the Seafood Stew, Carne Asada, and the bean dip! Not to mention they serve a great margarita on the rocks. 😉 

  1. Stewart Middle School

Built in 1924; Stewart Middle School is one of Tacoma’s Historic schools. Modernized in 2017, it now has state of the art design and technology, to help kids learn and grow. The revelation focused on opening up classroom and common space for students. Having Stewart Middle School just 1 block from home is a huge convenience.  Easily participate in afternoon school activities and sports without feeling it consumes ALL your free time! Stewart also has a community garden, new track and large hill. When it snows, it’s the ultimate sledding spot! 

  1. Erica’s Peace and Love Ice Cream

So much more than just delicious ice cream—you’ll also find fresh juice, smoothies, salads, chocolate-covered strawberries, snow cones, and  many other desserts (several of which are Mexican favorites!). Be sure to follow Erica’s on Facebook for updates on offerings + deals.

CALL/TEXT Realtor Jenny Wetzel for more information on South Tacoma at (253) 381-9788. 

Tacoma, WA – Hottest Real Estate Market in the Nation and STILL Affordable

Tacoma, WA – Hottest Real Estate Market in the Nation and STILL Affordable

Well, the cats out of the bag! Rather than it being our little secret, it is national news; Tacoma, Washington is the hottest Real Estate Market in the nation.  For locals it brings a lot of mixed emotions. Some still want our little city to maintain its reputation of being the arm pit of Seattle (“stay away!”), while others are enthused to see new-comers contribute to our diverse melting pot of people, arts, talent and culture. I can relate to both.

For those of you interested in learning a little bit about our local Real Estate Market and better understanding some of the facts and numbers behind WHY our small town is on headline news, keep reading!

This chart from Patrick Stone (President & CEO of WFG National Title Insurance Company), illustrates Tacoma’s affordability compared to 10 other cities in the United States. Although our rent and home prices have increased dramatically over the last 4 years, we remain a very affordable city. Our median home value compared to our median annual salary is substantially more sustainable than that compared to Seattle and Denver; two Real Estate markets that we are frequently compared to. Good luck if you are wanting to live and work In San Francisco!

So now what? For a home buyer living in Tacoma, hoping to invest in their first home, next home or final living space and you find yourself pausing to contemplate if we are in yet another “bubble” similar to that of 2008, I say we are not.

The one thing that slowed our recovery after the market crash in 2008 and ’09 was the lack of a larger employer(s). We still don’t have that. And yet, I believe that the discovery of our unique city by Seattle-lites, Californians and people across the US and world, means that it really is only a matter of time before it happens. When it does, affordability will decrease, density will increase and many will be wondering why they didn’t catch the wave while they could.

On a final note, if you are looking to invest in your first home, this doesn’t mean stretching yourself paper thin! It may be worth some creative strategizing to get comfortable with your investment; consider investing in a home where you can collect rent, or invest in a home that supports multifamily living. Perhaps you explore different areas of Tacoma that are more affordable! Most of our city is accessible (by driving) in 15 minutes! Those in highly congested parts of the United States would drool over the opportunity to invest in a single-family home or condo that has such convenience!

Finally – hire a Realtor who can help you strategize, plan and be a part of your big transition. It’s not always easy, but It’s worth it.

Realtor Jenny Wetzel w/ Windermere Abode (253) 381-9788

Lakeland Hill Treasure

Lakeland Hill Treasure

Gated community in Lakeland Hills. Spacious master suite on main floor with large walk-in closets; designed and installed by California Closets. Remodeled kitchen w/ eat-in nook, granite countertops, gas stove + custom pullouts from Cal. Closets. A/C, brand new custom window treatment and new paint. Peek-a-boo view of Mt Rainier and private back deck that backs up to a private county road (no traffic!) Close to walking trails, restaurants, golf course & more! Live easily and stress free in a trusted and well managed community of Lakeland Hills. Come inside! 

Easy living is all yours in Lakeland Hills, a gated community that includes highlights like all exterior maintenance of your home and yard, and even a putting green! This home’s sellers (who also happen to be the original owners) have also especially appreciated the community atmosphere, all while having a strong sense of security and privacy.

Lakeland Hills Condominium - Jenny Wetzel Homes

Condo located in the private gated community – The Sorano in Lakeland Hills – Auburn, WA

Updated Galley-Style Kitchen wi eat-in nook – The morning sun & privacy you’ll love

Updated Galley Style Kitchen - Lakeland Hills Condos in Auburn, WA

Gas stove, Stainless steel Appliances and upgraded California Closets to optimize storage & use of space

Lakeland Hills Condo - Jenny Wetzel Homes

Vaulted Ceilings in the living/dining room right when you walk in. Efficient gas fireplace. Brand new window treatment stay with the home

Lakeland Hills Condo - Auburn, Wa

Large Master Suite on the main floor. Vaulted ceilings and large walk-in closet with Custom California inserts.

Lakeland Hills Condo - Auburn, WA

Large window, fresh paint paint and fresh paint. The space comfortably fits a California King bed. You’re going to love it here!

The Sorano in Lakeland Hills - Auburn, WA

The Sorano in Lakeland Hills – Gated, immaculately maintained year round and a location that is so convenient! Minutes from Downtown Auburn and Lake Tapps.

Lovingly maintained and thoughtfully updated, this residence features several upgrades including:

  • New paint
  • New granite counters
  • New window treatments
  • New gas fireplace
  • New Trex decking on the private back deck
  • New California closets in the master bedroom closets and kitchen (the pull-out drawers are so convenient!)

Roegner Park

Located just 1.5 miles from home (the perfect bike ride!), Roegner Park is 21+ acres of outdoor beauty and fun recreation. Nestled right along White River and the White River Trail, here you’ll find a playground, an off-leash dog area, a picnic shelter, and trails. Easy access to White River Trail offers a great starting point for the 4.5-mile trail that features views of the river, wildlife watching, fishing opportunities, and more. There’s even a soft service path along the trail that’s open to horses.

Putting Green in Lakeland Hills

Golf enthusiasts are in for a treat! Not only does Lakeland Hills have its own putting green, but at 5909 Panorama Dr #14 it’s practically in your backyard. Practice your swing without having to go far—it’s perfect for days when you want to spend time out on the green but don’t have time to go to the golf course!

Tapps Island Golf Course

Just 12 minutes from home, this scenic island golf course is right in the middle of Lake Tapps and accessible via a bridge. Enjoy a round of golf at this public course while taking in views of Mt. Rainier!

Lakeland Hills Elementary School

Imagine having the convenience of your local elementary school being just blocks from home—0.2 miles to be exact. Lakeland Hills Elementary School has grades Kindergarten through 5th, and is highly rated. You’re also close to the local middle school and high school.

Central & Convenient Location

One of this home’s seller’s favorite things about living here has been its wonderfully central location. Not only is it easy to get around Auburn, but with the city being in both Pierce County and King County, you’re close to several neighboring cities—South Hill/Puyallup, Federal Way, Tacoma, Kent, Des Moines, etc. are all within reach.

When you need to run errands, the Lakeland Town Center is only 1.1 miles away and here you’ll find places like Haggen Food & Pharmacy, Pet Pros, Puerto Vallarta, Great Clips, The Rock Wood Fired Pizza, Starbucks, Legendary Doughnuts and more. Plus, Downtown Auburn is only 4 miles from home and the Auburn Station (where commuters can catch the Sounder Train) is only 4.9 miles away.

TEXT/CALL Realtor Jenny Wetzel @ 253-381-9788


LUXE Mayer Built Home – University Place, WA

LUXE Mayer Built Home – University Place, WA

Recent whole house refresh of this dramatic Mayer Built home resulted in a calm, inspiring retreat. Just one step from the garage into the mudroom an spacious great room. Main floor master suite & laundry for easy living! Mesmerizing views of the Olympic Mountain range, Sound and Narrow from large north-facing windows. 10′ ceilings new custom kitchen with Birth cabinets, hones quartz counters & high end appliances. Three gas fireplaces on main floor including one in master with deluxe spa bath & private balcony. Courtyard, office, bonus room + additional expansive finished space. It’s all here for you!

  • Views fo Olympic Mtns & Narrows
  • Main floor master suite
  • Acacia hardwoods and new carpet
  • 3 gas fireplaces
  • Renovated kitchen w/ new Birth cabinets & high end cabinets. Honed Quartz counters
  • Spa inspired master bath with radiant floor heat, towel warmer & rain shower!
  • 10ft ceilings
  • Attached 2 car garage
  • Built in 2003
  • Premiere Property; Listed for $825,000
Timeless, contemporary style is all yours.
All 2900+ square feet on the main floor (that doesn’t include downstairs!) flow seamlessly together.
Entertaining and quiet relaxation are all at home here. Plus, your living space extends out onto the deck!
Ideal environment for entertaining. Vaulted ceilings and skylights open up the inviting space even more.
The kitchen features a Wolf 5 burner 36″ gas range and a custom down-draft vent hood; a DCS electric convection oven and microwave oven; a Whirlpool refrigerator; and a Jenn-Air dishwasher. All appliances specifically chosen not for their brand but their quality performance and reviews
A picture-perfect scene for holiday gatherings, special occasions, and just-because dinner parties.
Scenic views of Narrow Bridge and the Olympic Mountains. Host guests and relax with effortlessly elegant style
Imagine snuggling up in bed with a warm fire and tranquil views outside—resort-worthy living is at your fingertips!
The closet of your dreams is here! A built-in organization system makes it easy for you to move right in and begin unpacking.
Spa-worthy wellness routines are right at home in the sumptuous master bath. Heated towel rack and floors
Outdoor beauty and city convenience meet with this prime location.
Your home sweet home awaits!

“The gardens have year-round color and flowers bloom between April and August at different times,” share this home’s sellers. “There are apples and Italian plums in the adjacent yard and you can often partake at will. You also have spectacular views from any of the front rooms of the house and even the rear family room, kitchen, and dining rooms.”

This home’s sellers are also particularly fond of the kitchen, and they’ve loved how cooking in the space is so easy in part thanks to the spacious layout. The bathroom is also another favorite spot, and perfect for pampering and wellness routines with the oversized shower, the wonderfully heated floors, and the heated towel rack.

Several premium appliances are also included with this home, including a Wolf 5 burner 36″ gas range and a custom down-draft vent hood; a DCS electric convection oven and microwave oven; a Whirlpool refrigerator; and a Jenn-Air dishwasher. All of these appliances are only about one year old, and were selected for their high quality and performance. The sellers also installed a flow restrictor on the water main and put in a better shut-off valve in the crawlspace.    

At 1919 Sunset Dr University Place, you’re in a prime UP location that promises access to both city conveniences and stunning outdoor spaces just minutes from home. Here are the 5 favorite amenities that this University Place gem is close to:

1. Whole Foods

Located just a 4-minute drive away from this home, having Whole Foods so close makes it easy to go grocery shopping or just stop by their incredible deli and grab something quick (and delicious) for dinner. (Or stop by for picnic supplies before heading to Chambers Bay or Titlow Park!) Nestled right along Bridgeport Way, Whole Foods is on the same street as several other shops, restaurants, services, etc. making it a convenient stop when you’re running errands.

2. Harbor Greens

Harbor Greens is less than 1 mile from home (just a 2-minute drive!), and this local market is dedicated to offering the finest fresh foods and ingredients around. They have an in-house butcher, a full-service deli, incredible fresh produce, fresh cut flowers, plants, and much more. They’re all about buying as much local product as possible, and they make a point to support our local economy in all that they do while having the smallest carbon footprint possible.

3. Titlow Park

Featuring 75 acres of waterfront bliss, Titlow Park offers dreamy views of the Puget Sound and Tacoma Narrows Bridge. “Titlow Park is also an amazing place just to walk around, take pictures, enjoy the sunset, or take the dog,” share this home’s sellers. “For bike riding, it’s a great launching point for anywhere in Tacoma, Gig Harbor, Dupont, and beyond.”

Not only can you enjoy exploring the beach, but there’s a playground, a sprayground (perfect for cooling off during the summer!), picnic facilities, trails, sport courts, parking and more.

4. Boathouse 19

After working up an appetite at Titlow Park, Boathouse 19 is just a few blocks away at the Tacoma Narrows Marina. Dine out on the patio and take in views of the waterfront, and choose from an extensive seafood-focused menu. They’re got fantastic happy hour deals in addition to their large lunch and dinner menu, and they even have a gluten-free and special kids menu.

5. Sushido

Just a short 4-minute drive from home, Sushido is a favorite local restaurant of this home’s sellers. Serving both sushi and teriyaki, you’ll find everything from special sushi rolls and nigiri to teriyaki combos, making it easy to please everyone in your party.

You’re also surrounded by several other dining options, and this home’s sellers have a few more tips for those in the neighborhood: ”We equally love going to Primo on 6th, Wildfin in Ruston, or any of the downtown restaurants. All are close and easily accessible. …The nice thing about where we are situated is that you can dine in Gig Harbor, on 6th Ave, in Stadium, or on Ruston and all of these are 10 minutes or less away.”

TEXT/CALL Realtor Jenny Wetzel @ 253-381-9788

PNW Mid Mod Estate

PNW Mid Mod Estate

3 Creekwood Lane SW Lakewood, WA 98499 – Jenny Wetzel VIdeo Tour

Featuring an idyllic blend of zen retreat and inspiring modern design, this home offers unequivocal comfort and convenience. This stylish Lakewood home is nestled at the end of a road with a fenced yard and views of nature through every window, and its impeccable interior space is amplified with boxed ceilings, full-length windows, wood floors, a newly remodeled kitchen, and an abundance of space. Find retreat in the master suite, complete with a decadent closet, a luxurious walk-in closet, and private access to the patio and hot tub. There’s even a private courtyard that’s enclosed by the home office, entryway, and family room.

  • 3beds/2.5 baths
  • 2,588 square feet
  • 1/2 acre lot
  • Newly Remodeled kitchen – quartz counters + brand new appliances
  • Fully fenced (new)
  • 2 furnace + 2 brand new heat pumps! (Stay cool this summer ☀️)
  • Walk in master shower w/ decadent closet + dual vanities
  • Private deck off master suite w/ hot tub
  • Private court yard
  • LIST PRICE: $535,000
Natural light cascades in through full-length windows
Eye-catching boxed ceilings add visual intrigue
Newly remodeled kitchen boasts the very best in fashion + function
Enjoy flow with the open-concept layout
Relax and catch up on your favorite TV show while enjoying views right into the picturesque yard
Sumptuous & wonderfully spacious
The walk-in closet is replete with convenient built-in organizers
Indulge in spa-inspired wellness routines right from the comfort of home
Comfort and privacy awaits for loved ones
Enjoy scenic views while you’re snuggled up in bed
Outdoor entertaining doesn’t get more stylish—charming details and lush greenery delight at every turn
Signature Pacific Northwest beauty surrounds

Sitting on the back patio feels like you’re at the park.  The sellers will miss how wonderfully private the home is: “The house is in the middle of Lakewood, but very secluded and quiet. I also love how unique the house is. …[It] really is one of a kind—[we] always get compliments from guests when entertaining, about how beautiful it is!”

For the sellers, the yard is one of the highlights. Brimming with mature trees and flowers. The yard has been lovingly cared for over the years. Recently an arborist came out to trim the trees and refresh the garden space. A full sprinkler system promises easy maintenance, and the sellers spent a significant amount of money replacing almost the entire fence that wraps around the property.

Other upgrades include new exterior paint in 2019, brand new kitchen and appliances in 2018, heat pump replacement in 2017/18, tankless hot water heater replacement in 2016, and a new attached shed roof in the mix. Several thousands dollars was invested putting in an epoxy floor in the garage that has a lifetime warranty! The new owner will be able to reap the benefits for years to come on these expensive system and cosmetic upgrades!

Commuter’s Paradise

At 3 Creekwood Ln SW Lakewood, WA 98499, Interstate-5 is only a 5-minute drive away, making it easy to hop over to neighboring cities and get around the region. You’re also only 5 minutes from the Lakewood Station where the Sounder Train and several bus lines pick up. There’s conveniently 600 parking spaces available making it easy to park and ride. Those who work at Joint Base Lewis-McChord are also sure to appreciate being just minutes away.

Shop Local at the Lakewood Farmers Market

Each Tuesday from June through September, farmers, artisans, gardeners, food trucks, and other vendors gather in front of Lakewood City Hall for the Lakewood Farmers Market. Stock up on fresh eats for the week, pick up a gift, or just stop by for a relaxing Tuesday night dinner. (Plus, you’re only 1.5 miles away from the market making it easy to stop by on your way home from work.)

One Stop Shopping at Lakewood Town Center

Lakewood Town Center is right next to city hall, and here you’ll find a long list of conveniences at your fingertips. Shop for groceries at Safeway, pick up essentials at Target and Bed Bath & Beyond, and run errands at CVS, PetSmart, Office Depot, etc.—it’s all there! Restaurants are not in short supply, and whether you’d like a sit down meal (Red Robin, Ram, and Old Country Buffet are a few options) or just want to grab something easy (Jersey Mike’s Subs, Starbucks, Panda Express and about a dozen more eateries are all right there!), you’ll find something to suit every craving. Plus, AMC Theatre is a part of the town center as well, and they even have the comfy reclining seats!

American Lake: A Summertime Dream

Located less than 2 miles from home, American Lake is a popular destination for residents in the area, and it’s practically in your backyard. Launch your boat and cruise the lake in style, enjoy swimming off the shore, and let little ones play on the playground at American Lake Park. Harry Todd Park is another excellent destination that makes it easy to take advantage of all that the lake offers—this 17-acre park features sport courts, baseball fields, a swimming beach, a skate park, and more.

Tacoma Country & Golf Club

Impeccable facilities, a pool with idyllic views of American Lake, waterfront access, and a stunning golf course are all less than 2 miles from home at Tacoma Country & Golf Club. Members can enjoy access to tennis courts, dining, a fitness center, and several social events.

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Living Large in Lincoln District – Tacoma, WA

Living Large in Lincoln District – Tacoma, WA

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9,000 square foot lot with mature landscaping, complete privacy and expansion of you beautiful garden space. An Italian plum tree, a crabapple tree, two cherry trees, a dogwood tree, and a magnolia tree are all on the property!
3510 S Thompson Ave – Large iconic Craftsman. Coming home to this beauty, you’ll love ❤️
Entry of Home – Fully exposed trim on the main floor. They don’t make homes like they used to!
Living room
Family Room
Or Library?
Formal Dining

Historic charm and modern amenities are wrapped up into this one-of-a-kind 3-story Lincoln District gem. Thoughtful updates fill this timeless Craftsman home—a newer roof, newer furnace, new windows, new exterior paint, plus updated floors in the kitchen are all in the mix. The current owners even just had the foundation stabilized, which comes with a lifetime warranty. Enjoy details like original leaded windows, beautiful old growth wood trim, and tall 9-foot ceilings!

Additional highlights include:

  • 2460 square feet
  • 4 bedrooms
  • 1.5 baths
  • All appliances included
  • Unfinished attic & basement (perfect for storage!)
  • 3 blocks away from epicenter of Lincoln District

Lincoln: A Neighborhood of Community & Convenience

“It’s a pretty close-knit neighborhood,” shares this home’s sellers. “A lot of our neighbors have been here for many years, and we know a lot of them. There are several neighborhood associations that meet regularly and they played a big role in getting the city to make improvements to the business district and park.”

Home to an eclectic variety of restaurants, shops, a burgeoning art scene, parks, fantastic commuting options and more, at 3510 S Thompson Ave in Tacoma you’re wonderfully surrounded by it all. Lincoln has also been home to recent revitalization efforts, and new amenities like the Eastside Community Center and all of the new shops along 38th street are all at your fingertips.

“We have an art gallery/shop/community art space. There is a tool library where you can borrow all sorts of tools and landscaping equipment. There is a clothing store, a baby goods store, bubble tea & a desserts shop, and more! It’s a fun little area.”

Lincoln Park 🌲

Created in 1889, Lincoln Park is about as old as it gets in Tacoma, and with this home, you’re nestled right across the street with views of the historic park. Having views of all of the park’s events and happenings is one of the biggest things the sellers will miss about their home—from kids playing on the playground and people playing with their dogs, to seeing the church picnics and birthday parties that liven up the space. “There’s always something fun to look at, not to mention the beautiful trees and grass.”

The park is right alongside Lincoln High School, which just adds to the close feel of the community. “I also really like hearing the sounds from Lincoln bowl when the school has sporting events. We get to hear the Star Spangled Banner and the crowd cheering,” share the sellers.

A Commuter’s Dream 🚗

“The best thing about this location is that you are minutes away from downtown, I-5, Highway 16, the Tacoma Mall, and other shopping,” shared the sellers. “It feels like we can get anywhere in Tacoma in 15 minutes or less (usually less).”

Bus lines run along South Thompson Ave, and even more bus options can be found along the bustling South 38th Street. Interstate-5 is a quick 3-minute drive away, and you can be at the Tacoma Dome Station in only 6 minutes! (Plus, there are 2,282 parking spots here for commuters.) Hop on the Sounder Train here and take it all the way into Downtown Seattle.

Iconic, Delicious Eats

Between Pacific Ave and South Thompson Ave (and right along South 38th Street), a paradise of flavor awaits visitors. “Vien Dong is probably one of the best and most famous restaurants in this neighborhood, although there are lots of great Vietnamese restaurants in this area. My favorite dish is #50, the Thai red curry, and you can’t go wrong with Pho, of course.”

Pho is a neighborhood staple, and you’ll also find gems like Cafe La Vie (Vietnamese sandwiches and mouthwatering noodle dishes) Dragon’s Crawfish (Cajun/Creole cuisine, a rarity in Tacoma!), Gari of Sushi (don’t be fooled by the unassuming exterior—this local favorite is known for how fresh everything is), and Taqueria La Fondita (another rave-worthy spot).

“Also, if you like to cook, the Hong Kong Supermarket is fun to visit and find all sorts of international ingredients,” adds the seller. “The kids really like Jubilee for ice cream or lunch out with friends from the neighborhood.”

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