6 Steps to Prepare Your Home for Sale in Tacoma

The Tacoma Neighborhood gossip…

“My neighbors house sold in 3 days for $50,000 over the list price!”
“My colleague listed their home four months ago and it’s still sitting on the market!”
“The buyer for my neighbors home, purchased with CASH and no home inspection! They closed in 14 days.”

These are real occurrences that we’ve heard time and time again AND yet they aren’t a good enough reason for you as the seller to throw a sign in the yard before your house is REALLY ready to show. Why? Because you could be leaving a substantial amount of money on the table. I mean tens of thousand if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table, if you don’t properly prepare your home for sale. Buyers will fall in love with the space and potential of your home. Not you’re clutter and dust.

Let’s get into the 6 things you should do to make the most amount of money when selling your home AND allow it to be as joyous a process as possible. NOTE: These don’t apply to all homes. If choosing to sell your home or investment “as is” consult with your Realtor about preparation guidelines, Estate Sales and Trusts for example are sometimes sold “as is” but it puts the you (the seller) at a strong advantage to take these necessary steps before selling you home. No one size fits all! Hire a professional who understand and works in the local market you are selling.


6 Steps To Prepare Your Home for Sale

#1. 80/20 RULE

If you are living at the home you are selling, this is for you! Before your home is officially “FOR SALE” you should have complete at least 80% of your total move. That is, 80% of your belongings are either packed in boxes, in your garage, stored with a moving company (most moving companies also store your belongings on a monthly basis), in a POD or with family or friend. Take it as an opportunity to purge and clean rather than bring your unwanted items to your next home. You’ll be thanking yourself later. Note: If you don’t have a lot of stuff, you can get away with not taking this step so literally. Keep in mind, that once you get an offer, you could be moving in as little as 14 days. Packing 80% of your home serves to better present your home and alleviate the frantic packing at the end.

The goal of the 80/20 rule is to create the best first impressions when a new buyer walks through your home. For more about enhancing first impressions when showing your home in Tacoma, click here.


You may just need a magic eraser to get rid of the little smudges and finger print you have on doors and walls. If so, no paint needed. If, however, you have several rooms that you painted more dramatic colors (a turquoise bathroom or bright pink room, for example) neutralize the color pallet. Buyers want to see the potential of the home. We don’t want them to be distracted with items they feel like have to do before they move in. If you have any chipping and pealing paint, paint it! Not only will this catch the buyers eye, it could also be a lender requirements. Get it done sooner rather than later to prevent any delays with the buyers financing.

Take a peek at the top paint choices for homeowners HERE!


Conveying a clean home to the new home owners when you sell is actually written in the contract! I can’t emphasize enough what a difference this makes when showing. So hire a professional cleaning company before you sell your home.


We are almost there! So take a deep breath and envision your home FOR SALE. If you are selling your home while living there, make sure all surfaces are clear. Work with your Realtor to alter your furniture; optimizing each space throughout the house. Your home is one of your largest financial assets, remind yourself of this when you want to cut corners when selling. You could be leaving a substantial amount of profit on the table. Your Realtor will be your cheerleader and coach. 

Learn more about the importance of staging your home in Tacoma, WA and in any Real Estate Market here! 


Every house has a story. Some are easier to tell than others. Here is one great example: Seller owned a home, but it needed some serious TLC. The curb appeal was not attractive and both the Realtor and Seller knew it would be difficult to sell to the next buyer. In partnership, they found some photos of the home, back in it’s glory days (75 years ago) advertised these to the buyers and BAM! The buyers fell in love with the story and history of the home and were able to overcome their reservations of the less appealing exterior. They now had a vision and dream of bringing the home back to its original glory.


You deserve this! There is a lot of heavy lifting both emotionally and physically when it comes to moving. Treat yourself and take a 3 – 5 day mini vacation and leave as soon as you house is listed. This allows your Realtor to properly advertise your home and maximize the amount of qualified buyers who view your home. It can be difficult to keep your home ready to show and come-and-go 10+ times per day. So take a few days off, enjoy yourself! And hopefully when you come back you’ll have an offer or a few to review!

Successfully selling your home in Tacoma and the greater area, is rooted in the preparation and planning. When selling a high end home, timing is ever more important. Learn more about timing the market appropriately and what Market Statistics and annual Real Estate Trends you should be aware of.


Check out all my Seller Resources for more tips HERE!

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