How to Maintain Your Old Home in Tacoma, WA

Systematizing home maintenance can alleviate the pressure and concern of missing important “to do’s”. Whether you are going to be doing this work yourself or hire it out, completing home maintenance items will sustain and improve the value of your home.

Below is the Spring Home Maintenance Checklist and specific recommendations from Trade Specialist.

  • If you have a heat pump or air conditioning unit, schedule it to be serviced in the spring. Annual service/cleaning is recommended. Most heat pumps and air conditioning units can only be serviced when the temperature is above 60 degrees outside. HVAC technicians advise that furnace filters should be cleaned or replaced at least twice per year. If you have pets or a large number (4+)people living in your home, cleaning/replacing the filter every 3 months is recommended. The longevity of your furnace and heat pump is directly correlated to the long term care and maintenance.
  • If you use either a gas or wood burning fireplace, consult with a fireplace technician to understand how frequently to sweep/clean. The frequency in which you do will depend not only on the usage but age and condition of your fireplace box.
  • The item that I see most missed on this spring checklist is caulking in wet areas, around sinks and tubs. A poor caulking job is noticeable. So hire a professional or practice until your works looks professionally complete.
  • Power washing your windows makes me a little nervous! Rather than that, there are local companies who clean windows and gutters that have a gentle method that I believe would be more fitting for older homes.
  • Some Roofer’s and Home Inspectors use drone or google technology to inspect gutters and shingles on your roof. This method is preferred to prevent granual loss and deterioration by walking on the roof. I’ve seen some roofs that have been improperly cleaned or pressure washed. A mistake like this can cost a Homeowner tens of thousands of dollars – or the cost of a new roof! 😭
  • Have your sidewalks/driveways pressure washed ever few years to prevent slick surfaces and potential falls.

I realize there is some redundancy in the check list, but bear with me! Better to over do it, than not at all!

Summer Maintenance Checklist ☀️

  • Clogged dryer vents cause house fires. Be sure to clean the vent regularly (at least two times per year)
  • You’d be amazed (or maybe not!) at the dust, critters and toys 😃 that get lost under furniture. Move your furniture for a new look and feel and while you’re at it, deep clean all furniture and floors once moved. You’re allergies might thank you!
  • Touching up paint, especially on the exterior, where pressure washing might have chipped some off. Our wet climate requires us to keep the exterior of our homes well sealed, or suffer the consequences.

Below is the Fall Maintenance Checklist. I’m highlighting Tree Maintenance, mostly because this is arguably the largest (and most fun!) item to complete in the fall. 🌲


  • The best time to prune your plants and shrubs is during the fall, however if during the spring your trees and shrubs grow to touch or your home, prune to prevent future root, water issues and general maintenance issues on your home.
    • In June of 2024, the City of Tacoma will have a new Tree Ordinance! Meaning that trees that are planted in the right-of-way will require a permit to prune or remove. The City of Tacoma is actively working to improve tree preservation and volume. Although trees require more ongoing maintenance, the health benefits to the community and your home value, make it WELL worth it. University Place and Lakewood (as two examples) have had tree ordinances for decades and it’s worked wonderfully to preserving trees within the community.
    • The City of Tacoma has a list of Arborist should you need a reputable resource.
  • Have your sidewalks/driveways pressure washed ever few years to prevent slick surfaces and potential falls.
  • If you are looking for more specific tips on maintaining your trees or planting new, The Tacoma Tree Foundation has an abundance of resources and is excited to help you.

Additional Resources for Home Buyers and Seller

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