What Is The Value Of Using A REALTOR®?

Hiring a REALTOR® is an important step in choosing the right real estate agent for your home sale or purchase. All licensed real estate agents are not REALTORS® registered with the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Have you ever wondered what the requirements of a Realtor are to stay up to date? I break it down in this article.

How We Help You Beyond the Transaction

The National Association of Realtors®

The value of using a realtor starts with the National Association of REALTORS®. NAR’s is the largest lobbying party in the nation. We lobby and fight for homeownership rights. We’re a nonpartisan group and champion home ownership rights in the United States. We participate in new tax reform and regulations that affect homeowners both now and in the future. 

Code of Ethics 

Realtors® are obligated to abide by the Code of Ethics. This code ensures that customers are served by requiring Realtors® to cooperate with each other in furthering our clients best interest.

Putting You First

Washington State Realtors®

WSR is the state level of which I (we) participate. Last year we lobbied (and won!) on the fight for excise tax. Now in affect in 2020, is the graduated scale tax, which is based on the value of your home, vs. being a flat rate across the board. The majority of homeowners won. We were able to win in part because of the strong voices of Realtors® and active stance we continue to take to protect homeowners. 

Here in Washington we have State Attorney and Legal hotlines that Realtor® members have access to 24/7. Our industry (like most!) is ever changing. Our State attorney teaches classes throughout the year of which all members have the opportunity to participate. And I do! 

Staying Up To Date

Tacoma Pierce County Realtors (TPCAR)

TPCAR is local chapter that we (the Realtor’s of Pierce County) operate within here in Tacoma and Pierce County. Local knowledge, training and direct communication with policy makers gives us a strong voice within the community, again fighting for Homeowners every day. 

Ongoing Training and Education

Every Realtor is must take classes and training to renew their membership every 2 years. Logging at least 30 hours of ongoing training. Licensed Realtors® (not required of real estate agents) must take Code of Ethics, specifically.  

Our Contribution

Realtor Dues

Realtor’s pay annual dues to fund the National, State and Local Realtor Association. These dues provide members of the party plenty of resources to current events which in return, keep us up-to-date with all things real estate related. In turn, we educate our clients and community to empower them to make the best decision both now and in the future. Learn more about what Realtors do that help Homeowners and the community at large, here. 

In summary, Realtors are held to a higher standard and contribute financially to National, State and Local Realtor Associations. When you hire and use a Realtor, you too are contributing to progressing the interests of all Homeowners and the immediate needs and focus of your community. ♥️ 

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