What Is The Cost Of Selling My Home?

Every home sale is different, however these costs remain true to nearly every home that is sold in the Greater Tacoma area. In this episode of my How To Sell Your Home Series, I’m breaking down each cost into four different categories and roughly how much money you’ll spend depending on your home. 


#1: Excise Tax

This type of tax is paid by all homeowners in the state of Washington when you sell your home. Excise Tax is based on the total purchase price of your home. Depending on how much your home sells for, you’ll  pay 1.6% to 3.25% in excise tax.  


#2: Title and Escrow Fees

This encompasses the service you’ll receive from the title and escrow companies as they work through your home sale transaction. This cost is roughly 9%-10% of your annual property taxes. You can learn more about what title and escrow does HERE!


#3: Paying Your Realtor

Another cost of selling your home is paying your Realtor. Real estate agents are independent contractors and are able to charge different fees. Some offer a different tier of services which alters the fee they ultimately charge. Personally, I charge the same fee for every client. It’s the only way to be fair and consistent with all of my clients. 


#4: Listing Preparation 

Last, but certainly not least, the cost of properly preparing your home to hit the market. Whether it’s a few cosmetic upgrades or a large project, these can all be factored into what it will cost to sell your property. This can also include professionally staging your home. It’s not recommended that you do any projects (big or small) unless you see a sizable return on investment in doing so. 


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