Renovating my Midcentury home in Tacoma, WA

Just Getting Started!

Buying and remodeling a home wasn’t at the top of my “to-do” list, but I couldn’t resist when the opportunity presented itself. This 1950 Modern Home, located in one of the most coveted communities in Tacoma, walking distance from my office AND equipped with a separate apartment, was a complete slam dunk. It was a HUGE relief when the stars aligned and I got the opportunity to purchase! Here we are, completing a studs out remodel!

I’m honoring the traditional features of the 50’s trends and learning so much along the way.Follow along as the adventures continue in Old Town Tacoma. Whether you are addicted to HGTV and want an insider peek at the renovation process, considering remodeling a home yourself, or are interested in learning about all the “charm” older homes have, this video series has something for you. FOLLOW ALONG!

EPISODE 1: Home Renovation in Tacoma, WA

This first episode lays the ground work for the renovation; giving you a birds eye view of whats happening inside the house and a few of the hardworking professionals making it happen. The contractors aren’t so enthused about the camera. I am sure they will warm up as time goes on. 😉

Less than a month has passed and I have fallen more in love with the location, the views (I can’t wait to watch the sunsets) and the simplicity and easy living it will bring. Never did I think that a home that was dusty, dirty and stripped to the studs could bring such calm inspiration, but it has and I’m so excited to brush the dust off of this ol’ girl and show her off!