EPISODE 8: Hardwood Floors, Tile & Wind Damage!

EPISODE 8: Hardwood Floors, Tile and Wind Damage 😖

I can taste completion! At this stage in the renovation, I am constantly encouraging myself to push through. The product delivery times and onslaught of small adjustments is cumbersome and tiring. When I’m asked to make decisions with my contractors that would allow work to move forward more quickly but has the potential to diminish the quality, my go to phrase is “I’ll get back to you with an answer tomorrow”. Allowing me time to sit with these decisions and decide what the best route would be for me long term. This home has, since day one, been a long term hold. Because of that, longevity and quality finishings is my priority.

Being the General Manager

I choose to act as the General Manager because I knew it would result in more personal learning that I could share with my clients. On a previous home renovation, I chose to hire a general contractor and unfortunately, the project was not well managed. Costing me significantly more time and money than expected. Given that experience, I was ready to take it on myself. Hiring a trades professional to oversee the project is well worth the investment. Not only do they understand the nuances and can foresee/prevent delays, they have trusted subcontractors who they know and trust. I’m glad I had this experience as “The General Manager” but wouldn’t recommend it to those who are looking to complete a large, complex renovation.

Tile and Plumbing Fixtures

When selecting tile and plumbing fixtures, my goals was “simple luxury”. I had many contractors questions my decision to install higher-end plumbing fixtures. “Why do anything more than Builder Grade if it’s going to be a rental property?” Having higher quality finishings will not only add to the value of the home, they will last longer (saving time and money to replace) and attract a tenant that is willing to pay a premium for those luxuries.

UPDATE: (November 2023) I’m happy to have gone with my gut and installed higher end plumbing fixtures. Everything except for a broken shower head 😭 is fully functioning over 4 years later. If I had to go back and do it again, I would not install the wall mounted faucets in the bathroom upstairs. The tight plumbing mechanics cause the bathroom sink to drain slowly at times and cause confusion with guests.

Hardwood Floors – Oak

Oak Hardwood floors were in the home when I purchased. With the removal of the interior wall that opened the kitchen, living and dining, I decided to continue to flow of the Oak. Oak hardwood floors are durable and beautiful. The flooring professionals I hired to refinish the floors provided me stain options. I choose to go with a lighter stain that I wait for you to see! With the Chambray colored cabinets, I knew I needed a lighter toned flooring to balance out the space.

UPDATE: (November 2023) The floors have held up beautifully. I haven’t allowed pets at the house (although some guests have broke those rules 😑) Had pets been allowed, I’m sure I would see a bit more wear-and-tear. During the fall and winter months, I notice more gapping between the wood flooring. It’s very minimal and not a hazard by any means. I’m budgeting to have the floors refinished in another 3 – 5 years to keep them looking great. When hardwood floors are refinished, the dust from the wood is collected and made into a slur. It’s then packed into the gaps of the floors, creating a seamless look. These hardwood floors are 3/4 of an inch think and can be refinished many times.


Nature will have her way

I love the feeling of privacy and peace the green belt and canopy coverage provides. I knew having larger trees on/around the property made my home, more at risk, it didn’t make the trees any less appealing. I had one tree fall down and damage a gutter on the garage and 12 feet of fencing. I consider it a privilege to have a greenbelt behind my home. The damage it caused was far less than the joy and scenery it’s already provided. So although I didn’t need one more thing on my to-do list! This wasn’t a huge deal.


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