GRAND FINALE! – Old Town, Home Remodel is COMPLETE!

Grand Finale! Home Renovation is Complete

We are DONE! ✅ After 6 long months of home remodeling, the Old Town Renovation Project is complete!

The intention in creating this video series throughout my home renovation project was to shed light on what the ENTIRE process looked like. (HDTV gives us false ideas of costs, time and required upgrades of older homes!) Here are my 3 big take-aways and lessons I’ve learned. NOTE; these recommendations are based our current market condition in Tacoma, WA and some of my personal beliefs of maintaining and preserving older homes.

  1. Hiring the right Contractors takes time and patience. Reputable and reasonably priced contractors are hard to find and when you do they maybe booked for 4 – 6 months. Sometimes it’s worth the wait. A) Interview multiple contractors B) Sign a contract C) Define CLEARLY what their scope of work is. Spend time unpacking the scheduling and work flow of each contractor. It’s worth your time and ???? ????????!!!!
  2. Budget. A) Have a budget! You’ll need this especially if you are remodeling your personal home. Why? Because you’ll want to splurge on all the fancy things (I’m guilty). B) Have at least 25% more funds available than what you think it will cost. Just do it.
  3. Remodeling Old Houses IS NOT the same as remodeling a newer (modernized) Home. I am the first one to admit, that I WANT that cute older Bungalow, Victorian Craftsman, or anything older home! I personally prefer their home features and find them more attractive. Buying older homes comes with it additional responsibility and care. Update The electrical and plumbing systems that will over time fail or be a safety hazard. It’s no small (or cheap) task. If done correctly it will more than pay for itself and you’ll have a gem of a home and Real Estate Investment.

For side-by-side before and after pictures of this renovation project click here to see the amazing the transformation!

Cheers to you making the absolute most of your next Real Estate Investment or Home! Holler if you need a savvy Realtor to represent you on the sale or purchase of your home/investment. (253) 381-9788. 

Here Links to all the videos, (if you want little walk through memory lane) or a refresher on a certain item or stage of the Reno.

Episode 1 – THE BEGINNING! 

EPISODE 2 – HOME RENOVATION – Permits permits PERMITS! – City of Tacoma 

EPISODE 3 – HOME RENOVATION – Electrical; Knob and Tube Wiring

EPISODE 4 – Halfway there, check in ????

EPISODE 5 – Hellooooo GREAT room!

EPISODE 6 – HOME RENOVATION – Drywall, Insulation & Plumbing FIxtures

EPISODE 7 – Kitchen Design 

EPISODE 8 – Hardwood floor, tile + wind storm damage ????





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