EPISODE 5: The Great Room


If you can’t tell from the video – I am tired! Overwhelmed with the feeling of  satisfaction and gratitude, after all that has been accomplished the last week and a half. Constant communication between contractors and vendors, rearrangement of schedules, trusting relationships and good ol’ hard work is the only reason we are on track to begin insulating and hanging drywall.

In this video, Justin; inspector with the City of Tacoma, walks through the home with me to inspect the newly installed beam and framing.  Unfortunately the framing was not signed off on (for reasons you’ll see in the video) but the beam was! 

City of Tacoma Inspector; Justin, completes the Beam Inspection

Here is a list of accomplishments since the last video update (two weeks ago) in the order they were complete: 

Complete Electrical rough-in and INSPECTION – ✔️ 

Not without some serious hurdles! Two failed inspections and 1 week after our target date, we are signed off and moving forward.

Beam Installation and INSPECTION – ✔️ 

We had a 4 day delay with the beam installation only because the specific size of the LVL beam that was required for install, was not in stock. Adjusting the work flow for both insulation and electricians (for example insulating the exterior walls before doing the attic) allowed us to continue work and not have significant delays.

Interview and Hire DRYWALL Professional – ✔️ 

After the electrical rough in was complete, I interviewed 3 professionals. Hiring the contractor who asked the most amount of questions and knew exactly what the kitchen undercount wiring was (not all did) 

NEXT WEEK, here is what is coming: 

  • Insulation
  • Drywall
  • Framing inspection  
  • Heating installation (and everything that comes with it!
  • Beginning to hang drywall 
And so much more! Contact Jenny Wetzel directly or feel free to comment with questions or Home Renovation experiences you have had. 


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