Should I Have An Open House When Selling My Home?

You should know, the probably of your home selling at an open house is very slime. Although, homes occasionally do (I have sold a few homes at open houses), statistically it is highly unlikely. If qualified home buyers have serious interest in your home, they will see it whether there is an open house or not.


Should you have an Open House?

Open Houses can alleviate the number of individual showings and allow buyers who have already viewed the home to come back for a second look (with or without their Agent). Allowing them to spend more time in the home before writing an offer. The idea here is that buyers feel more excitement and motivation, having spent some additional time in the home. 

Who can attend an Open House?

Open houses are open to the general public. It is important to note that no pre-approval letters are required from visitors and many may have no interest in buying your home at all. They tend to attract neighbors, people driving by and those who simply want decor ideas! If you wish to have an open house but only wish to invite pre-qualified buyers, we can make those accommodations. 

Are Open Houses safe?

Either myself and/or another colleague will be hosting the open house. My job is to sell your home; sharing the features and lifestyle it offers. Safety for myself and the security of your home are top priorities. Although I stay vigilant, I am not a security guard. Take away the opportunity for theft and lock up all of your valuables or better yet, have them moved.

What does a successful Open House look like?

It’s all in the prep. I know, I know! You are tired of me saying this, but it is the honest, boring truth. Beautiful marketing content, online and in-person presentation of your home, create a consistent and memorable experience. This is the secret sauce to getting the most value out of your home, not hosting an open house. Here’s a refresher on preparing your home for sale. Your Realtor is your best partner, advocate and resource. 

Should I have an Open House at my luxury home?

Depending on the size and access of your home, it is necessary to have several Realtors present and I will manage that. It may however, be more productive to just have the Brokers Open – you have the reassurance that all participants are licensed Realtors. Realtors who choose to preview your home may be actively working with a qualified, interested buyer. 

What is a Brokers Open?

Once a week, Real Estate Agents have the opportunity to invite other Realtors to tour their listings. Agents who actively sell homes in the area are motivated to see new listings on the market, and get a feel for what is trending in the area. I strongly recommend to sellers that I prefer to hold a Brokers Open over a traditional Open House as a more qualified buyer is likely to come with an agent to the Brokers Open. 

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