What better way to get together with your circle of family and friends than having the ultimate backyard celebration! Hosting a 4th of July BBQ, birthday party, or just enjoying each other’s company, the easy outdoor recommendation below will help you create the space you’re dreaming of. This is your guide to a fresh and new, entertaining space in your backyard that is sure to have everyone you know planning parties at your house … with your permission of course. 😊 

Create a Backyard “Living Room” 

Hard, cold, plastic chairs are out! It’s time for some comfy, warm, and cushioned outdoor seating that allows your guests to lean back and enjoy that wine cooler (or capri sun). You can find stylish and affordable outdoor furniture that fits the aesthetic of your home at places like local Tacoma stores like Evolve Home, Ruston Mercantile and Bird Loft. Big Lots. Larger retailers like Costco has season furniture selections that are high quality and affordable. Purchase outdoor furniture that has removable cushions that can be removed when when the rain hits. You know our Pacific Northwest weather can be temperamental! 

An outdoor fireplace may be a little out of the budget but a fire pit can be the perfect alternative! Also found at affordable prices at the stores mentioned above, adding a fire pit to your backyard living room provides the wood burning campfire feeling that we love. 

Picture this, movie night … but outside! Create an outdoor media area by hanging a television outside in your created living area to add some newness to your family movie nights. Contact your cable company to help you get a wireless connection to your TV outside so hanging cords don’t throw off the look you’re going for. Add wireless bluetooth speakers to get the full effect. 

If you are a true Washingtonian you know that Spring/Summer does not always guarantee you dry or warm weather! But that doesn’t mean the party has to stop, we just have to adapt the best way we know how. 


Adding a pergola to your backyard does not require a permit, as long as it remains detached from the home. This means you can head straight to Home Depot or Lowes and get to building! Yes, I know, you haven’t built anything since your high school science fair, that’s okay – a professional can help. One main reason you want to add this pergola is to help protect you from the sun. Pergolas are typically wall-less but do have decorative roofs; you can also add extra shade covers that act as walls. 

If you’re like me, sitting outside for 5 minutes past 5 o’clock in the Summer means three or four bug bites right away! Hanging up a mosquito net around your pergola will help you keep the unwanted friends out of the party and allow you to enjoy your outside space all times of the day. Or if you are looking for something a little more aesthetically pleasing, order Thermacell bug repellent. They come in all different styles and sizes and are easy to turn off and on for your outdoor gatherings. 

Outside heaters are a great investment when you plan on staying outside past sunset. If your backyard space is more small and intimate, one heater will do the trick. 

Outdoor Lighting

When looking for ways to light up the night, there are many different backyard lighting options. Deck/patio lighting is a more intimate vibe that can be placed right next to the sitting area or on top of the pillars holding the deck up. Going green is also an option with many yard lights that are solar powered. t

Creating more useable outdoor space for you to enjoy for years to come. As you are setting up your backyard patio space, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Realtor and ask for advice. Although you may not be creating your outdoor space with resale in mind, it will most certainly improve the value of your home. 

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