How To Sell Your Home (Part 3 of Series)

Finding The Best Real Estate Agent

How do you find the best real estate agent in Tacoma? The three major components in finding a Realtor to represent you are: competency, relevant (are they actively selling?), and relatability (are they are a good fit for you personality wise!). These three things are most important when selling your home in Tacoma. Don’t rely on just the recommendations of your friends and family. If you’re friend used a great Realtor to purchase their home, doesn’t mean that same Realtor is fit to sell your home in your specific Tacoma neighborhood.  It is important to do your own due diligence to find the best real estate agent for your home buying and selling needs. 


What To Look For In An Agent

So you’ve narrowed it down to a few agents who you think will be a good fit. Now you need to interview them. Here are a few tips on how to interview them: 


1. Ask questions about the current market and the statistics on your neighborhood

Your real estate agent should be very familiar with the data in your neighborhood and real estate market. You can ask how many homes they’ve sold in the past few months in your area. If you have a luxury home or unique property, ask them about how they will market your property. 


2. Hire an agent who you think has a good personality and will work well with your personality as well

Find someone who’s communication style matches yours. Share your expectations and the real estate agent should share theirs as well.


3. Look up their website

If your agent does not have a website or company website, it’s time to move on. It’s crucial for your real estate agent to have a presence online- that’s how your home will be marketed. Ask the agent how they will market your property.


5. Ask about professional photography

Will the agent cover the marketing costs? Do they have examples of photography they can share with you? Professional photography is a must when selling your home- be sure to inquire about marketing techniques before saying yes to working with an agent.

6. Know who you will be working with throughout the process!

Does this agent have a team? An assistant? Personally, it’s important for me to be hands on throughout the entire selling process. Which means you’ll be working with me from start to finish. 


7. What’s the Realtor’s capacity?

How busy is the realtor? Get their commitment upfront before deciding to work with them. You don’t want an agent who will set you to the side due to their unmanageable schedule. 


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