EPISODE 4: Seattle to Tacoma – GRAND FINALE

Home in Tacoma

Katy, Nick and the boys are home in Tacoma. Currently unpacking now that they have the keys to their home in the Proctor District. In this video we take a tour of their “new” (but very old) home in Proctor. They disclose what some of the major factors were in deciding this house was “the one” and how much more their money got them in Tacoma vs. Seattle.

Coincidentally we sold their home in Lake City area of Seattle for $525,000 and they purchased their new home in Tacoma for the exact same price – $525,000. Making the comparison of the two, quit nice.

For comparison purposes, Check out the details of their first home in Seattle here.

Their new home in Tacoma. has more than double the finished square footage plus a large unfinished basement. The space alone will allow Katy to better pursue her love of Pottery (check out her business page on Instagram @Pacificwrenstudio) and give Nick a space to workout. The boys will inevitably invade their hobbies, but hopefully the “high low” room (featured in the video below) will keep the kids and their toys relatively contained, at least for the next few years! 😉

Did you miss the initial videos of The Crandall’s move to Tacoma? Not to worry. Check out the first video if you want to see “before” footage of their home. It is here that you’ll see a very candid version of them and their first home. The second episode highlights the upgrades and improvements the Crandall’s complete to prepare their home for sale: The most time consuming and important step in the home selling process. The third video I sit down with Katy and Nick as they come to terms with their big move to Tacoma. Irregardless of your familiar status, memories made and how you created and lived in your home, there is a detachment phase when selling. Spending time preparing your home for sale provides space to remove yourself. It helps in making the move feel real and allows you the bandwidth to talk to your spouse, kids, family and friends, about the moving process in a way that feels healthy and less jarring.

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EPISODE 2: Seattle to Tacoma – Payoff of Preparing your Home for Sale

Katy and Nick completed the updates and housekeeping items that we knew would maximize the price of their home. They accepted a full price offer on the 5th day their home was for sale! Follow their house journey and be inspired to make the Housing Transition you’ve been dreaming of. Realtor Jenny Wetzel (253) 381-9788

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