Katy and Nick spent time updating some items before selling, did they pay off?

Here we are! Already the 3rd Episode of Katy and Nick’s move from Seattle to Tacoma. Here they sit down and discuss what they went through both logistically and emotionally when moving from Seattle to Tacoma.

Everything from the initial feeling of detachment and concern “will the new owners water our plants that we’ve spent years caring for?!” Too appreciating the process and finalizing this stage in their life. Having moved markets, Katy and Nick were able to purchase a much larger home in a neighborhood that has great access to shopping and conveniences. Ironically we sold their home in Seattle (Lake City area) for $525,000 and purchased their next home for the exact same price: $525,000, in Proctor District of Tacoma. Katy and Nick were amazed with the ease of some of the upgrades they committed to completing before selling. “Did that really take only 2 hours?!” They talk honestly about what it was like to move with with a 3 year old and a 1 year old (not fun). What it’s like to commute from Tacoma to Seattle? What their favorite things to do in Tacoma and more!



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