EPISODE 1: Moving from Seattle to Tacoma – Preparing Home For Sale

Moving from Seattle to Tacoma

Seattle to Tacoma. Katy and Nick had contemplated this transition for YEARS. Making this life change felt like too much while raising a family and working full time. Finally, the inconvenience of daily traffic, increased cost of living and lengthy distance to family, forced their hand. The Crandall’s were ready sell their home in Lake City and MOVE TO TACOMA!

This is the 1st of four videos in the Seattle to Tacoma video series. Katy and Nick talk openly about their move from Seattle to Tacoma and what they did to make it an all around success.

The Crandall’s home In Seattle, they are preparing to sell.

Before Selling Your Home

Partner with your Realtor months in advance to complete updates or housekeeping items, to increase the sale price and your overall profit when selling. THIS is what we display in this video. We walk room by room, detailing the updates The Crandall’s have done during their ownership and what still needs to be done to maximize their home investment.  Hire an agent who understands the surrounding market intimately and has professional resources to help get the work done. Your agent should be able to provide an accurate cost analysis of renovations/updates and total investment. KEY POINT: If it costs $2,000 to update and will increase the sellable price by $5,000 your agent (hopefully) will be advising that you do it!

Meet The Crandall’s 

Katy, Nick, Quinn and Rowan. A family of four, planning their move from Seattle to Tacoma. Nick is the Head Innovative Brew Specialist at Redhook. The man can talk for days about beer – don’t get him started! Katy is a Wetland Biologist and Arborist working at Watershed, a private firm in Kirkland. Katy and Nick met and started dating at Western Washington University and the rest is history.

Live view of their home in Seattle 

I normally don’t post videos that show homes not looking totally dialed-in! One of my goals in making this video series is to show a very candid view, of the stages of selling a home. (It’s no always perfect!) Hearing The Crandall’s story may help you find your stride and commit to the housing transition you’ve been thinking of for months or maybe (like them) years. So disregard the dirty laundry and messiness – I hope you can relate with the Crandall’s and their busy life, working and raising their family. ♥️

Home upgrades over the years. 

Though the Crandall’s 6 years of ownership, Katy and Nick have done quit a few upgrades:

  1. Paint the Exterior of the Home (2 years ago)
  2. Paint the Interior (1 year ago)
  3. Relocate the location of water heater from the bathroom to the garage (1 year ago)
  4. Remodel their bathroom (1 year ago)
  5. Added shed and exterior Patio (4 years ago)
  6. New stainless steel appliances (3 years ago)

Upgrades needed BEFORE selling their home 

Here are a few of the things that Katy and Nick NEED to do before they sell their home to optimize increase the profit they make on the sale.

  1. Refinish & Stain Oak Hardwood floors
  2. Paint interior of the home (accent wall in kitchen and neutralize color in bedrooms and living room -yellow does not photograph well)
  3. Replace Formica countertops with Granite or Quartz Countertops
  4. Replace Microwave in kitchen (It is the only appliance that has not been upgraded!)

What is next? 

In the next episode, we’ll show you what the house looks like, now that the Crandall’s have completed their “to do” list and had the home professionally staged. It almost makes them want to move back in. 😉 Stay tuned.

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