EPISODE 2: Seattle to Tacoma – Payoff of Preparing your Home for Sale

Seattle to Tacoma

The Payoff of Preparing Your Home for Sale

Katy and Nick completed the updates and housekeeping items that I knew would maximize the price of their home. They accepted a full price offer on the 5th day their home was for sale because of it and are already enjoying their new life in Tacoma!

Home Upgrade Items complete, maximizing profit when selling:

  1. Replace Formica Countertops with Black Granite
      • Katy and Nick reconnect with the professional who installed the countertop in their bathroom. They were able to get an amazing deal on their kitchen countertops were cuts from another job. Ask your contractor about this option when replacing your countertops.
  2. Repaint living room, bonus room (above the garage) and change the accent wall in the kitchen
      • Katy is an amazing artist and we found it would be a strong differentiating factor to keep the fun and interesting color pallet. We went with red/orange as an accent wall in the kitchen.
  3. Refinish and stain all hardwood floors.
  4. Replace white microwave with a stainless steel microwave
  5. Professionally clean and stage the entire home

These five items cost Katy and Nick about $11,000 out of pocket. With that said, we were able to market and SELL their home for $25,000 more than originally planned. Their time and energy in completing these upgrades was well worth it. Although they wish they had done all of them sooner!

Katy and Nick sold their home in a strong sellers market. The sellers market was driven by low interest rates, very low number of competing homes for sale and high buyer demand.  We expected that the home upgrades they performed would not only result in a quick and seamless sale, but also more money. Had we sold in a Buyer Market, we likely would not have seen as large of a price return. However, preparing your home for sale (details matter!) would have absolutely results in a quicker and more seamless sale.


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